Template:Idol Info Yurina Tomoko (トモコ ゆりな Tomoko Yurina) is an unpopular idol who barely gets any attention. Her preffered brand is Silky Heart although she also uses Candy Alamode at times. She is a lovely type idol. She is a member of the unit Ido.


Yurina has long pink hair reaching her back which is tied into a long ponytail that is usually reaching the ground. She has purple eyes that sparkle randomly at times and is always seen wearing the Sweet White Ange Coord. 


Yurina acts like a sweet and cheerful girl who always ends her sentences with "Y'know~?!". Although she is cheerful, she is also sometimes very rude to people. She also tries to annoy anyone who she meets on purpose. Which is why during performances she acts like a sweet and cheerful person but once she gets off stage, she becomes rude and annoying.


  • Sweet White Ange Coord 


  • Yuri Aido - Yurina's first friend who even talked to her. She likes to annoy Yuri by saying "Y'know~!?" every time she speaks. Despite the fact that they always bicker, they treasure their friendship. They are in the unit Ido together.
  • Sakura Eri - Yurina acts sweeter around Sakura just because Sakura spoils her. Sakura treats her like a little sister although she has a habit of calling her "Irritating Yurina-chan". Sakura does seem to get irritated at her often. They are in the unit Ido together.
  • Rina Nagako - Her manager. Yurina admires her due to being the most mature member in the group with the most mature singing voice. They are in the unit Ido together.


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