Template:Idol Info Yume Bokerdole (ボーカドール ゆめ) is a Marionette Mu user who has yet to debut. She is a Vocal Doll and, in fact, Haruka's younger sister. Haruka and Falulu found her ticket after the events of PriPara's episode 59 (Haruka decided to scan her ticket some weeks ago after she was awakened). Haruka styles her hair and wants to improve to make her look more adorable.

Her nickname is Yu-chin.


Yume has light yellow-green hair worn in thick pigtails made of three thick braids. Her bangs end at her eyes with a single curled forelock on each side of the head. She resembles Falulu and has the same "lifeless" grey eyes. She is always seem blushing but when she is embarassed, she becomes all red.


Yume is a very clueless girl (in fact, she just has got her ticket scanned) and pretty much acts like "early" Falulu (her appearance in episode 17 of PriPara is the best example). She has red-ish cheeks like Non and other young characters.

Her catchphrase is "kirakira!" and she usually ends her phrases with "-kira".

Significant coords

Cyalume & Casual- Chao Heartful MM Cyalume Coord


Haruka Bokerdole: Haruka scanned her ticket. Haruka is somewhat overprotective of her sister, but is jealous because Yume has got longer and blonde hair.

Sophie Hojo: Yume treats Sophie as an older sister (pretty much like she does with Haruka) because she and Sophie are similar (Yume is clueless, just like Sophie's Fancy Mode).

Falulu Vocaldoll: Even though Falulu was the one to find her ticket, she never met her. Yume really admires Falulu and always watches her shows on TV.

Mirai Tojo, Mizuki Hoshizora, Hikari Todo: Yume really enjoys their shows.

Aroma Kurosu: Aroma really loves playing with Yume, but is sad because she looks more like an angel than a devil.


  • Her reddish cheeks are said to be adorable.
  • Even though she's the younger sister, she looks like the same age of everyone else.
  • Haruka gave her the Chao Cyalume as a present for her training.
  • Aroma calls her the "Monster Idol" as a joke about her princess-like appearance.
  • Haruka made her a "Falulu's Non". Since then, Yume always sleeps hugging her toy.
  • Haruka, Sophie and Aroma made her mic and headphones.
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