Yui Yumekawa
Kanji 夢川 ゆい
Romaji Yumekawa Yui
Personal Info
BirthdayAugust 18
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorPurple
FamilyShougo Yumekawa (older brother)
Home PlacePaparajuku
OccupationIdol, Student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Tick Tock Magical Idol Time!
Favorite Brand(s)Fantasy Time
Image Color
Voice ActressArisa Date
SingerArisa Date
Yui Yumekawa (夢川 ゆい, Yumekawa Yui) is a character from Idol Time PriPara. She is currently used by User:ВинКсения. She is a student of PriPara Idol Academy and Avocado Academy. She is a Lovely-type idol whose preferred brand is Fantasy Time.


Yui is a young girl with droopy purple eyes and short, curly blonde hair that reaches her shoulders. Her small forelocks curl on end and stop at the bottom of her ears, while her short bangs curl inward with a single strand curling outward. She wears a short amount pulled into rounded pigails with a thick curl on the bottom adorned by a single sky blue bow with a gold star on it.

As an Idol, Yui grows older and her hair reaches her waist. Her forelocks remain short but gain further curl, while her bangs remain untouched. Her pigtails grow in length and appear thinner, and she gains a second bow for her right pigtail, this one pink. Her eyes appear the same but gain a star shaped marking.


Yui is cheerful and bright and always finds herself daydreaming to the point of getting distracted or showing up late for various things. For a long time she has dreamed of becoming an Idol, but while she feels it is impossible for someone like her, she continues to allow her dream and ambition to grow.

She also enjoys eating and has a tendency to put her right hand to her cheek.

Significant Coords


  • Shougo Yumekawa - Yui doesn't get along with her brother very well. He doesn't believe that girls can become idols.
  • Laala Manaka - They are roommates and classmates in Avocado Academy.
  • Mahiru Sunshine - they are very good friends. Sometimes Mahiru helps Yui with designing coords for her brand, Fantasy Time.
  • Momoka - she was born from her PriTicket. She calls Yui her onee-chan.


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