Template:Idol InfoYozora Myra (夜空マイラ Yozora Maira?) is a student who attends both Paprika Private Academy and PriPara Idol Academy. She is a lovely type idol whose preferred brand is the newest brand Bluebird Siren.


Joining PriPara


Normally, Myra has black hair that reaches her shoulders. She has a few strands of hair that she ties into a braid that is held like that with a baby blue bow. Her eye colour is turquoise. 

While in PriPara, her black hair grows a little longer. Her hair style becomes a low ponytail that is held like that with a braid. Her eye colour stays the same turquoise like colour. 


Myra is a shy, distant girl who loves to spend her time singing along to her favorite songs. When she joins PriPara, she believes that she can get to the top without any help until she begins to work herself to no end, which worries her manager Saru. With the help of Tanaka Alina, Myra begins coming out her shell and works hard to becoming a Divine Idol with Alina. Due to living in a strict family, Myra wishes to become an idol instead of a doctor, like her mother and father expect her to be. 


  • Tanaka Alina - A girl who Myra meets in PriPara. Alina helps Myra learn to practice for her performances without pushing herself too hard and even helps her come out of her shell. Alina ends up being Myra's first best friend who she wishes she could meet outside of PriPara.
  • Saru - Myra's manager. Saru is very supportive of Myra and is always there for her. 

Significant Coords


  • Yozora (夜空?) means "night sky" with Yo (?) meaning "night" and Sora (?) means "sky". [1]
  • Myra (マイラ?) is a female given name for the English language in which it has three meanings. In Greek Myra means "fragment from myrrh" or "an aromatic shrub". In Latin it means "admirable" or "extraordinary" and in Arabic it means "Aristocratic Lady".[2]


  • "Let's Sing!" (歌いましょう! Utaimashou!?) - The catchphrase Myra says before performing. 


Throughout her time at PriPara, Myra sings many songs. These songs include her solo songs, duets and group songs.


  • Mirai e! - Myra's main character song that she usually sings for her solo performances.


  • Myra is the first known idol to sing her own character song in her debut concert.
  • Myra is also the fourth known idol whose age changes when she enters PriPara, the first three idols being Manaka Laala, Shiratama Mikan and Kurosu Aroma.



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