"There are joyful times, sad times, lonely times, and dark times... But all of those things have my raised me, and continue to raise me for the rest of my life."Template:Idol Info Yoru Nanase is a rather mysterious student at PIA, who just transferred in. He lacks talent or confidence to perform, and has stage fright, but he wants to be an idol, and his the support of Yuki, and Sakutaro, his parents.

Prism Jumps

Old Yoru

  1. Lovely Splash
  2. Prism Stone Fantasy
  3. Endless Night

New Yoru

  1. Burning Splash
  2. Rocking Melody
  3. Infinite Prism Phoenix
  4. Explosive Heart Dive
  5. Our Endless Summer’s Night (Signature)


He's shy, clumsy, lacks self-esteem, and isn't good at anything other than school and making tea. Dia quickly starts to call him "Yoru the assistant guy" because he acts like a butler the remaining members of ZODIAC. He is confirmed to be autistic (high-functioning), and has trouble making eye-contact and communicating with other people.

After being tricked into thinking that he caused the destruction of PIA's boys' dorm, he is relatively emotionless and isolates himself from the outside world. The only time he shows any semblance of emotion is when he thinks about the other members of KoMaRiYo and cries, or when he panics during Mahiru's frequent visits.

As of Endless Night, he’s hotblooded and living life to the fullest. He abandoned his old style for a new, edgier one and has a punk vibe.


  • He is the third of Lethargic Yuki Co.'s characters to be autistic, preceded by Yuki Tomoe and the user himself.
  • He ends his sentences in "desu", similarly to Haruka.
  • His favorite food is curry bread- extra spicy. This is meant to be ironic.
  • Yoru ranks 1st as Yuki's physically strongest character, despite his size and usually shy and docile manner.
  • His obsession to be prepared for everything leads him to be self-conscious.
    • This is a reference to his user, who constantly fears that he's annoying due to his desire to be prepared for as many outcomes as possible.
  • He states that he hasn't told anyone else in KoMaRiYo about his actual age or that he's mentally ill.
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