Template:Idol InfoWakana Morizono is a Canon character from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. She is used by CureItsuki. Her Prism Live instrument is the xylophone.


Wakana has dark green hair tied into two buns on the top of her head. She wears a grey colored bow on one side. Her eyes are purple. She wears a black necklace with a light green rose on it. Her outfit top is light green with black on the edges and on the green area. She wears light green pants tied with a grey and white striped bow around the waist.


Wakana is a very loud character. She has a rivalry with Ann Fukuhara and takes it very seriously. However, when she is around Bell she is normally friendly and nice. She used to be calm and reserved. She got good test scores because her father is strict and pushed her on.


Bell Renjouji: Wakana is one of Bell's close friends. She is often by her side.

Ann Fukuhara: They have a rivalry that Wakana takes seriously.


  • Wakana's buns resemble cat ears.
  • She can fortune tell with Prism Stones.
  • She can feel the "wind" of music.
  • Wakana has done 7 Prism Jumps by herself.
  • She has done 11 in total, counting her duo with Ann.

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