This coord is from the brand Pandora Hearts and is used by Seto Vessalius. This coord is one of Happiness Bouquet Deluxe coords. This is a Recolored Coord from Aikatsu Stars.


Valkyrie H Enchanted Coord
Top Bottom Shoes Accessories



A turquoise glittering top with strips of teal frills in a variety of sizes on the front and bottom. Matching shoulder straps with a thin ribbon tied to the front reside on each shoulder. The fabric is bunched over the chest with a thin line sewn from it, adorned with gold straps. Comes with a dark teal choker lined with white frills and adorned with light cyan and violet pearl on either side of the sky blue gem in the center. Sheer brown mesh gloves with a floral print are worn on each arm with the cuff matching the choker and a single gold bracelet.


A light turquoise semi-pleat glittering skirt with a teal rose chain design on the hem. The waistband is dark teal with a chain of tiny gold studs around the bottom. Attached to each hip are two pieces of glittering turquoise and teal striped peplum lined with teal ruffles. The second skirt layer is adorned with colorful pearls, while the top has two chains over it, one of links, one adorned with white pearls. These chains attach to a sky blue gem, which has two chains connecting it to the opposite side.


Gold sandals with a sky blue gem sewn to the teal foot flap. A dark teal flap covers the foot heel, accenting the ribbon tied around the leg and tied into a bow on top. A single gem adorns the center of the bow, while two gold anklets reside on each ankle. Sheer stockings are worn with these.


A turquoise bow lined with black and detailed frills. Adorning the bow is a sky blue gem on a pearl base, and a gold pearl chain hanging beneath it. Two pieces of dull teal fabric lined with black frills are sewn from the back, covered in a line and dot print. Gold bead dangles are included and connect to a square with small pearls beneath it, along with a sky blue gem.

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