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If you expect me to be active, you're going to be one disappointed-

-MV- GFRIEND(여자친구) Sunny Summer(여름여름해)

-MV- GFRIEND(여자친구) Sunny Summer(여름여름해)

Yeoleum-Yeoleumhae~ It's Sowon era~

[Iro/Hayate] We are
[+everyone] 7thMelody!
Please enjoy our harmonic convergence~
7thMelody Logo-0

1st Generation

  • IRO: A girl whose lost in a repetitive cycle. She doesn't understand where to go; whether forward or back, she'll always have a broken heart. She lost her best friend, her lover, and her dear sister. Iro wants to become better. 7thMelody is her chance to show her forgiveness for her sins. She wants to become a Shining Star; a Divine Idol that resonates in sound.
  • Sakura Kimi: The sweet-innocent crossdresser has became coldhearted. His feelings has become numb. The one with two minds, one body; also looking for love, Saku Kimi is determine to show everyone his true feelings and desires.

2nd Generation

  • Etoile: A vocal doll who relies on time and memories. She would like to expose PriPara for the devil it truly is, but she is unable to move on from her friend. Attempting to show everyone her heart, her "kokoro", she dances showing happiness.
  • Yamamoto Hayate: A curly haired dude who hopes to become a dear prince, showing affection to his princess. But honestly, he has no hopes. He only keeps trying because of his deceased mother's words. Hayate hopes to find his princess, somewhere.
  • Motomiya Hanami: Harupaku! A young 11 year-old with "passion" and "heart". In order for others to take her seriously, she became an idol with hopes of becoming a Divinedol. "Let's-be-Happiness, harupaku!!"
  • Misaki Koudo: A rich young lady who wants respect from her family. Going a different direction, Misaki opens herself onstage holding a mic, instead of speaking monotonously beyond a political crowd. "Your Passionate-"Oppai" Queen is here!"
  • Kotone: A "funny" little creature from the Gardens of PriPara. Behind a gate, the mysterious shiny type idol is on a mission to protect PriPara.


  • Hoshiko: The co-leader and center of the group. Hoshiko is a long time rival to Iro, but the pale skin girl doesn't realize it yet. Hoshi also is in a relationship with Shiro, the leader of the group.
  • Nanami: A member of the unit. Nanami is a high school student who has been following Hoshiko since a very young age. She is also a young designer.
  • Gamu: The Otaku and Tsudere of the 5. Gamu is just an 8th grade middle school student progressing as an idol in the the unit Na☆Ga☆Re☆Bo☆Shi.
  • Rei: A foreign exchange student and fellow member of Na☆Ga☆Re☆Bo☆Shi. Rei is a smart and A+ student working up as an Male Idol and Model, as well as a journalist.
  • Shiro: Co-center and leader of the team. He is a High School and college student also holding time for his performances in PriPara. Shiro has a relationship with Hoshiko.


  • Wakana: An unknown creature who is always looking out for the members of 7thMelody. She seems to know Kotone, a lot.

Other Characters


  • OmegaPri prefers PIA's storyline rather than the anime itself, (Idol Time) PriPara.
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