• I live in hell.
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is napping.
  • I am tired.

800px-Kotoka SS SR

Hello. I'm Meru, just your regular idol fan, I guess!

I like a lot of different shows, but I'm currently really into IM@S. It's more a soap opera around idols, but it's a pretty good show, in my opinion. Kotoka is best girl.
Kotoka Puchiderella

I love you.

In terms of other things I enjoy, I love PriPara (despite being pretty behind on it now), Aikatsu, Love Live Sunshine, Non Non Biyori... generally stuff I can just enjoy without really worrying about the story too much. I'm a pretty big rhythm and puzzle game player too. I get distracted pretty easily, so it's kind of hard to keep up with stuff in story-driven games.

I guess I'm a really relaxed person all in all... Please be patient with me, during RPing, because I tend to end up staring off into space and forgetting to do stuff. Please feel free to call me back into reality if I forget to reply to you within a day. I'd appreciate it a lot, actually...

Oh, by the way, I'm not usually this formal. I just want to make a good impression.

Kaede is a Cool-type idol who usually sticks to Holic Trick and Moonlight Sonata. She's a mature and mysterious sort of idol, despite her age. Even so, she tends to veer towards the sexy side of Cool and be extremely flirtatious and affectionate with everyone she likes.

While her attitude makes it seem like she's open to anything, she's surrounded in mystery, leading people to think that she might have something to hide. She also has an affinity for cute things.

Mimi is a Lovely/Natural-type android who uses Marionette Mu and Floral Kiss. She's a naive and slightly confused girl, who loves flowers and kind people, but doesn't really understand the world she lives in very well. She tends to be rather forgetful and wanders off often, but she's kind and easily trusted due to her genuineness.

Unlike Kaede, her backstory is truly mysterious; even she can't remember who built her. She's easily convinced to tell people whatever they want, however, but she can't really tell them anything since she can't exactly remember it herself...

I love all of my precious wives. View their beauty for yourself.

(They're mine.)

Template:Idol Info "I want to go to bed..."

Meru's a generally chill Lovely idol, who spends most of her time writing, eating, or napping. She dislikes working and going outdoors. While her tempo makes it difficult for her to be a proper idol, she aims to do her very best.


Meru has shoulder-length light pink hair, and dull reddish-pink eyes, both in PriPara and out. She She often wears sweaters and flowers in her hair. She was initially recommended Twinkle Ribbon, but turned it down and decided to try out Marionette Mu instead. However, she still uses Twinkle Ribbon just for funsies.


She's essentially just sort of... tired and bored, honestly. Meru tends to be pretty chill, not one to get into fights or instigate anything bad. She's a bit shy and has low self-esteem.

Out of habit, she tends to subconsciously change herself to suit hers or other people's needs, and it bothers her that she does, but doesn't change it. Outside of PriPara, she's really not too different. Maybe a bit lazier.


  • Izayoi Kawara: Wouldn't you like to know? (Meru currently houses Izayoi while they repair their spaceship.)


  • She didn't have a last name for several months.
  • She likes using obscure and outdated slang. Totes rad, bro.
  • She's only good at rhythm games and nothing else.

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