Hime Shiratenshi

aka la lucina è onnipresente u.u

Top Student Honor Student
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is Idol,mangaka and student of the Paprika Academy
  • I am Female
Hime Shiratenshi

Coord | Uniform HimeShiratorihimecoordProfile

Kanji 白テンシ ひめ
Romaji Hime Shiratenshi
Personal Info
Birthday10th Of October
ZodiacLibra ♎
Blood TypeA
Hair ColorBlue Marine
Eye ColorBlue
FamilySekai Himeno (cousin)
Home PlacePritaly (Previous)

Parajukku (Now)

OccupationIdol, Student & Mangaka
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)HIME HIME
Favorite Brand(s)Marine heart
Image Color
Voice ActressMyself
Nee...What kind of manga do you like?

Hime Shiratenshi is a kind hearted girl and a famous idol from Pritaly. She's also a mangaka, in fact she proclaims herself as the "number 1 mangaka in Pritaly". With her manga, she always make people crying of joy. Kazumi is the fan number 1 of her mangas, that always make her crying for two days.


Hime is a girl with a pale complexion and blue eyes,she has short marine hair and she's very tall.


Hime is a very kind and calm girl but when she's angry she enters in the "ice princess mode", which she uses princess like manner, and the air begins to be cold. This modality always scared people and some of them, started to call Hime "the ice demon".


Kazumi Hikawa: Hime's bestfriend and rival on Alfheim Online. She really cares about her and she's willing to protect her at the cost of her life. She's also a shipper of the "Kazulu".

Fuwari Midorikaze: She's Hime's 2nd bestfriend. They first met with Kazumi in the Palps, when Fuwari was shy about her dream. They gave to her the push for being what she wanted to become: a doctor.

Dorothy West: They are good friends and rivals. Dorothy is one of the fans of Hime's manga and she likes to help her by doing the model for her drawings.

ChibiHaru Bokerdole: She and Chibi are friends. Hime finds Chibi very cute and sweet. She sometimes gets mad with Haruka when she ignores Chibi.

Aki "Hilulu" Shikyoin: They are friends and Hime gave to Hilulu her blessing to marry Kazumi.

Saku Kimi: They are friends and she's grateful with Saku for what he has done for Kazumi.


  • She's part of the unit LUX's.
  • In the LUX's, her symbol is the sapphire.
  • She likes eating fresh food, like ice cream.
  • When she isn't drawing manga, she likes making jewels such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
  • She likes reading complessing books and sometimes also yuri and yaoi mangas.
  • She likes playing with the video games.
  • She likes making movies with computer's programs
  • She's also a Japanese dancer.
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