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Hello fellow idols!


If you want me to draw anything, I am willing to, but it might be a very long time, or it might be short. On my OC's page, I drew her visual. If you need any pictures, I mostly do people. I can also make arcade visuals for your character! Just tell me which character and the coord you want!


The arcade visual I made for Kanade!

Not Real Me (me in roleplay and anime)

Template:Idol Info Ayame Adachi is a sweet girl who is very smart. She uses the brand Rose Wings, a Celeb typed brand, but sometimes uses cool coords.

Favorite Idols (All seasons (Not Jewlie XD))


  1. Sophie Hojo-sama: I have no idea how she got up here xD Just in SoLaMi Smile's performance, (Ready Smile!) Sophie just sounded super good, but I also really love her Fancy Mode xD Sorry Falulu and Gaaruru you are still awesome
  2. Falulu Bokerdole-sama: She is super cute and I love everything about her! Her brand is my second favorite now we need a Marionette Mu spinoff xD
  3. Gaaruru Bokerdole-senpai: She is adorable! I love her looks.
  4. Fuwari Midorikaze-chan: She's really cute. I love her song! I even memorized the dance...
  5. Shion Todo-san: Too cool for me xD After hearing Absolute Life of a Final Show Girl, I realized how much I love her >.<
  6. Hibiki Shikyoin-sama: I really love her! I have no words she is too awesome xDDD
  7. Triangle: I love them all equally <3 They are probably tied because they are all the same person xD
  8. Ajimi Kiki-senpai: She is literally me in real life xD I am super hyper, probably more hyper than her xDDD
  9. Dorothy West: I really liked her, but she's slowly ranking down for me.
  10. Leona West: I love how he is a boy, it's just there are better idols ;(
  11. Mirei Minami: Eh, I never really liked her. That's all I can say.
  12. Laala Manaka: She gets literally 99% of the spotlight in the show. Give the others a chance, I mean Shion's voice actress is the leader of Iris!
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