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Usagi Shiniko

PriChan | Casual and Cyalume | Stage Usagi Universe Queen

Kanji 紫ニ鼓兔
Romaji Shiniko Usagi
Personal Info
BirthdayMay 14
Hair Color     (formerly)
Eye Color    
Home PlaceSaga Dimension (Formerly)
Tokyo, Japan
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)FIND YOUR WIND!
melty world
Favorite Brand(s)Universe Queen
Image Color     (#bea4fe; in Iris Dynasty)
     (#9966ff; in Pleiades)
Idol TypeBright
Voice ActressUeda Reina (Jpn)
Rebecca Shoichet (Eng)
ManagerKei (in Iris Dynasty)

Shiniko Usagi (紫ニ鼓兔), formerly Hishikawa Usagi (菱川兎), is an idol under Symphonata Productions based on Admin Usagi. Under her former name, she is a member of the unit Iris Dynasty and bore an alien-like character. She later became a member of the PriChan channel Pleiades, consisting of her and selected schoolmates. As a member of the said unit, she is affiliated with Prism Stone.


Usagi is a teenage girl of average height. She has blue eyes and chest-length silver hair which flares out on each side. Her short bangs are framed by similarly styled forelocks which passes through her face.

Her casual outfits would always comprise of neon, geometrical shapes and eye-catching patterns. Typically, she would sport denim jeans and a blouse, any style that would give a mature yet modern feel. Her preferred brand is Universe Queen.


At first glance, Usagi is a shy and soft-spoken teenage girl who likes to study, but when placed in the spotlight, she transforms into a totally different person. She is the supportive-type who enjoys being in the sidelines. She is a textrovert, meaning she has difficulty in interacting with others face to face but is totally fine talking to them through chats in social media. To no surprise, she dislikes public speaking but will do so anyway when asked to do or in exchange of something else (usually money).


Karen Aokino

Karen is Usagi's best friend whom she is very close to.

Charlotte Vert

Charlotte was Usagi's instructor when she became her student to study fashion. The two developed a close relationship ever since. She also admires Charlotte very much.

Mel Shido

Both Mel and Usagi use Universe Queen as their brand are therefore close friends. During their meet-ups, Usagi would always bring

Significant Coords

Live Shows


Shiniko (紫ニ鼓) - Shi (紫) means purple, while ni (ニ) means two and ko (鼓) means hand drum. This follows the surnaming pattern of Pleiades which consists of their image color and a number. The latter is a reference to her role as the drummer of Pleiades.

Usagi (兔): Usagi (兔) means bunny or rabbit.

If you remove the shi and double the last two syllables of her surname, it forms NicoNico Usagi, which is the internet pseudonym the character is based on.


  • Before she showed her face to the public and became an idol, she was called "Big Sister" by the Symphonata idols.
  • She dislikes spicy food.
  • Her favorite subjects are history and English. She also stated she might have a slight interest in chemistry and other languages.
  • She functions as the leader of her unit Pleiades although she doesn't take the center position in the performances.
  • She is similar to Michiru Kouda from Idol Time PriPara.
    • Both have a shy, introverted personality but when on stage (or PriPara), they drastically change.
    • Both wear glasses. Although in PriPara, Michiru doesn't keep her glasses.
    • Both share the same hair color.
    • Both are Cool-type idols.
    • Michiru happens to be Usagi's favorite character in Idol Time PriPara.
  • Similar to Takane Shijou, both have grey hair and like to eat. She happens to also be Usagi's favorite 765AS idol.


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