"Ummm..hello I'm Umi I hope we get along....after I finish this book……"

Umi Aoi
Kanji 葵海
Romaji Aoi Umi
Personal Info
BirthdayJuly 25th
Hair ColorDark green
Eye ColorLight green
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Sasayaka Na Hajimari

Umi Aoi (葵海 Aoi Umi) is a 14 years old celeb idol who doesn't quite care about the world around her due to her great book obsession.

She is Kaori994's first and main character.


She is intrestingly quiet not giving any attention to the real world thanks to her great obsession with books.Althought she gets angry easily when someone makes fun of her or her books.She's mute ever since her birth althought she speaks and sings normally inside of pripara.She opens up slowly to people.

Physical appearence

She has long dark green hair and light green eyes. Outside her hair grows shorter and gets a little lighter and she has ice blue eyes.


Kirarin Hoshinokawa- they were childhood friends but later got separated because of Kirarin's father's job, they didn't keep in contact thought Umi doesn't quite seem like she cares about it anyways. Later they form a team together.

Mirei Minami- they currently don't interact a lot (idk why tho xD) . later she and Kirarin forced Umi into a unit (maybe coz 2 gobis? XD).


Aoi  means blue while  Umi means sea resulting into blue sea.


  • She finished reading 2389 books during 1 year.
  • She is mute outside of pripara which explains why she keeps away from everyone.
    • She does not remain mute after entering.
  • She was born on July 25th.
    • This means her zodiac is Leo.
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