Tsukahara Sanae
Kanji 塚原 さなえ
Romaji Tsukahara Sanae
Personal Info
BirthdayDecember 9th
Blood TypeB type
Height1'50 cm
Hair Color     Cardinal Red
Eye Color     Dark Violet
FamilyTsukahara Waka (Her sister)
Home PlaceOriginally lived in Hokkaido,and later moved to Tokyo


Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Fantasy Butterfly
Image Color     Cerise
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressHidaka Rina
SingerHidaka Rina
Be sure to beat elder sister!Become first!

Tsukahara Sanae(塚原 さなえ)is an idol from Pripara Idol Academy,Her favorite brand is Fantasy Butterfly,Her representative color is Cerise      and sheand Akari and Shizuku make upof Vanilla Callings♪


Because when watching TV,see the sister in the pripara when the idol alive,so have the desire to be an idol,want to group a combination to confront with her sister


Sanae born in Hokkaido、Japan,7 years old,the family moved to Tokyo because of their working relationship,together and her sister transferred to private paprika academy,waka repeatedly disappointed and sad to comfort her,as waka regain confidence in the power source,very worship sister,want to be the same as the shining star sister


Tsukahara Waka - Sanae her sister,to Sanae speaking,she is the best sister in history

Maeda Akari - Sanae with the age of the super good friends,has a small body,but the contrast is very stable,she was like a mother to take care of her for Sanae

Izayoi Shizuku - And Sanae is the same age friends,Akari of the childhood,like and the two play together

Yumeno Kaori - Because both are baseball lovers,the more hit the more emotional


  • She is childish.
  • She likes playing baseball.
  • She has "Chunichi Disease".
  • She has a Ambition.
  • She also likes to practice taekwondo
  • She and her elder sister have the same brain theater,also often see the novel when the male and female see the shy things will be in the head show.
  • She likes to eat sweets and Korean chafing dish.
  • She shares the same voice actress with Pokémon XY Serena
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