• Haruka: Unit?

    Miyuko: Unit?!

    Rin: no 

    Haruka glanced at Rin, who clearly wasn't fine with what was just said to her.

    Lillie: Lookie, its the only way. Please? I know you want to get back, but really, you have to form a unit. Pretty please? 

    Rin: I believe forming a unit is an idea that is horrible. I prefer to do things by myself.

    Miyuko: Don't be such a lone wolf! 

    Rin: I've said no. I'll find away myself.

    Rin got on her gear and flew off.

    Haruka: Sheesh! Such a saltball.

    Lillie: Welp, guess you are stuck here. 


    Your character saw the three just standing there, staring at the sky.

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    • Maria: *runs up to them* Yo, Lillie! Didn't expect to see you here.

      Coco: S-slow down, Maria! I can't keep- huh? Who are your new friends?

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    • Natsu: I don't know what happened, but I want to try it! Oh hi there girls!

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    • Mikan: Wah! Lillie, Mikan hasn't seen you guys for a long time, nano! Are you watching the Ascension, nano?

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