• So, I spotted you online so I can't help but say hi! xD

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    • you seem familiar XD 

      Hi nice to meet you XD

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    • Same! It's been a long time~ Usagi btw haha xD How have you been?

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    • wait gonna remember XD 

      i'm fine and quite busy actually xd

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    • Understood! Things have quite changed around here since you were gone. xD

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    • when did i leave? LoL don't remember but i'm back haha

      change huh? yeah alot,how about the members?

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    • Oh, at least. xD

      Well, most of the old members have left but there are new ones who came in. (^^)/

      Hey, I heard you have Discord. I have one too lol xD

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    • yep,it's good to be back XD

      it's still inactive thou cuz of pripara welp too sad

      yeah, i have wait are you stalking? XD

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    • Nah, I always check the Recent Wiki Activity and the message just happens to pop in there. xD

      Oh yeah, PriPara ended...I'm still sad. ;;

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    • oh i didn't know that,sorry for bad words, i'm truly sorry LoL

      it end quickly thou,so it's very sad

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    • No no you didn't say any bad words it's alright! ^^

      Yeah...but Prichan though xD What do you think about it?

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    • Oh thanks oh wait why should i say TY? XD

      I dunno but in my opinion,i think it is almost the same as Pripara.But i like Pripara since it has Good plot,(except the the MC has the most scene) xd

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    • Haha, I guess. xD

      Ohh I like PriChan coz of the concept yeah but when it comes to story writing, PriPara takes the top. ^^

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    • XD

      I know right? but idk why pripara ended quickly unlike it's rival anime aikatsu

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    • Actually, tbh PriPara has already reached it's thing. It's also under the Pretty Series franchise (Pretty Rhythm, PriPara and now PriChan xD)

      If you know Pretty Cure, Aikatsu is actually going for a similar route as that series-keeping the franchise title with new different series with different characters comprising it, thus I don't think Aikatsu will end just that.

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    • My bad,I didn't catch up on Pripara,so i didn't know the story.I stop at season like episode 3-9 something??? welp if i have time i'll watch it XD and yep it is.

      What? i don't know that lol

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    • Pretty Cure is a meta-series...kinda like Power Rangers xD Same goes for Aikatsu xDDD

      Ohhh you better catch up then while the subs are still fresh xD

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    • Haha fighting evil XD and they're song is this "GO GO precure rangers"

      fresh? XD haha sure i'll make a schedule,gonna make a marathon to that,how about 50 episodes in 1 day

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    • Maybe? xDDDD At least they (Pretty Cure) don't blow up grass lol xD

      Sure thing! Enjoy xDDD

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    • it's ANIME logic surely that's the reason why they don't know how to blow grasses lol xD

      goodluck on me staying on my pc for 24 hours lol

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    • Yeah, but they form sparks out of nowhere. xD

      Woah, woah not that much haha xDDD

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    • they can break the 4th wall lol

      yep,gonna run back and fort to get food,go to rest room then lay it down on my computer,that's why i can watch 50 episode in 1 day XD

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    • Recently, that's trueee xDDD

      That sounds hectic haha...glad you can manage? xD

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    • Ok,time to add to my "watchlist" XD btw i love 4th wall breaker thingy.

      yep it really is, and............. i've been doing this once a week,so it's ez to do it XD

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    • Yeah but not too much...just for laughs haha xD

      Okay, at least it's just once a week omg xD

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    • yeah but it rocks thou,example "partner: we're gonna die, MC: don't worry we are the main character" xd

      yus haha,once a week is cool but on holiday? i'm going to finish 20+ series in about 2 weeks, XD

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    • That's probably the best line of the millennium xDDD

      That's one hard work omg! Dw, I'm supporting you xD

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    • yup it is,I saw it on anime group on facebook and it is one of the top 10 memes of this year XDD

      Yup,Watching anime is "Work" tooo XD but seriously thou i don't like education so,i'm a totally a shut in XD Thanks for supporting me xd

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    • It deserves to be a meme ong xDDD

      Woah, I can't say the same coz honor student here lol xD Sure, np coz if anyone wants to occupy themselves with watching anime, I'll give them my full support and hope they do well. xDDDD

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    • It truly is cuz everytime i see it,i was gona burst out of laughter oh wait oops XD wrong grammar i think XD

      thanks,i think you being an honor student have a great future up ahead,instead of me,drawing,watching anime,reading manga,games and other otaku activities. I appreciate your support so i'll do my best being a shut in neet XD 

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    • Wrong grammar is a thing in the net. xD

      Aww thank you. xD I'll support you watching anime and do otaku stuff but if you're gonna shut yourself up, I'm gonna push you lol. xD

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    • Yeah XD honestly,it's a miracle that you understand my grammar XD

      push me? lololol XD haha,my body is weak thou.... so imma die if you push me too hard xd

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    • I've been doing pretty much wrong, specifically missing words. xDDDDD (Ironically, I'm an aspiring writer omg xDDD)

      I'll pull you then //me sent to the sun xDDDDDD

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    • XD haha woa i didn't know that,can you help me fix my grammar a littlle? XD english isn't my main language,i am a little bit embarass when communicating people using english XD(Aspiring writer? that's pretty cool i guess? XD)

      //send to the sun xD cheat code lol haha

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    • Haha sure thing. Good thing I grew up with English but the price is, I suck at Filipino lol. xDDDD (Thanks! I'm currently writing my own series too xD)

      Yep, that's a thing here when you randomly send people to celestial bodies lololol xDDD

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    • thanks xD all i need is your advise in english haha, So you know Filipino too? i didn't know that oh wait.... did i forget something? (PS: i want to see it JK XD)

      Sending them to celestial bodies is a legendary thing to do xDDD  

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    • Yep xD Verb is the key to the sentence to begin with. ^^ I'm a Filipino myself...okay, Rizal might kill me. xD (It has a Discord server too but it also has a "Non-Spoiler Safe" Wiki haha xD)

      Next thing is sending them to Black Holes...did I just made things worse? xD

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    • Oohh i see, so basically,i should master this "verb"? xD oh your filipino too? and yep he's gonna kill ya xDDDD (discord?)

      yep,black hole is like hell so.....that is too much xD

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    • Yeah, a sentence is nothing w/o it. xD Oh yess I am xD (Didn't you tell me you have a Discord acc? xDDD)

      The moon is better? xD

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    • oooo, i understand a little but i'm a bit confused,oh wait lemme explain....i understand English when i'm reading but the problem is when i'm speaking or typing well.... it's kinda.... what is that called? xD wrong grammar i think? lol

      (Oh and discord? yep i have an acc,why?) 

      Yup, Moon is better lol

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    • Ahh I see. xD Well, adaptation I think is the key? xD If you read it, try to apply it...sounds hard, right? xDDD

      (The series has a Discord server coz if I link to you the Wiki, it's full of spoilers xDDD)

      Since you're Filipino...Let's talk about the victory of Catriona xDDDD

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    • thank you for teaching me xD i learn alot from you soooo. thank you so much! and yep i'm still a nub at making a grammar thou so imma going to study  lololol

      (getting spoil doesn't stop me from watching an anime xd and i love spoilers xD)

      About miss universe,i support her but i'm not a bit interested in miss U thingy cuz i don't belong in this world XDDD (seriously thou congrats on her,she deserves that crown)

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    • Yw! If you keep on doing it, you'll get it. ^^ I may give you the details but it's always up to you if you wanna apply it. ^^

      (Well really wanna see it? xD Spoilers makes stuff more interesting to watch lol xD)

      Nah dw! She was able to get the crown back to us that's what matters. ^0^

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    • hmm,ok i'll try doing it over and over again xD  and give me TONS of details xD

      (yup,sauce pls xDDD)

      oh the crown was important huh,i bet it was a pripara crown xD

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    • Sure! xDDDD

      (I'll just give you the server lol xD

      Of course! It's made of special stuff my pocket denies to buy xDDDD

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    • like seriously thou, am i getting better at english? xD i'm an idiot tbh lololol

      (oohhhh this is cool hahaha thx xD)

      pripara stuff cost around 100k bucks xD are you sure you wanna buy it? xD

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    • oh sorry the invitation is invalid :(

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    • No, you're not an idiot! xDDD You're just struggling haha xDDDD

      (Okay, go here coz there is a Discord link there xDDDD)

      Of course not. I would rather buy a house xDDDD (And you call me a fan haha xDDDD)

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    • yes yes! you know it my friend xDD

      (full of science lol)

      XD,i want pripara stuff but i need for boys accessories xD

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    • Haha of course! xDDD

      (yeah, I love shipping and chemistry xDDD)

      Ohhhh if there is none, you can boost your creativity and make one xD

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    • I keep getting better i think??? no... maybe? xDD

      (mind blowing lol,and i do love science a little xDDD)

      yeah,but my mind is full of calculations and weirdness xD soooooo......... it would be hard to create one xD

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    • You're getting there dw~ ^^

      (Yep so do I! If you have Wattpad or Tumblr, you can read it there xD)

      With that, yeah. xD

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    • thx XD i'll study even more about english and japanese too lol (weeb xDDDD)

      (sorry no wattpad or tublr xD too lazy to create an acc lol)

      1 question, if pripara is real, do you want to become an idol? 

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    • Oh my, at least you're going for two lngs xDDD

      (Tumblr sucks so it's alright xD)


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    • i still suck but,my real problem is memorizing xD

      (haha i agree,it truly stucks thou xD)

      Yay, and there's a free flight around the world inside pripara,you can travel around the world without passport xDDDD

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    • Dear Brain, help us memorize xDDD

      Especially for those who are broke xDDDD

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    • Dear Usagi, Please Punch my Brain to gain increase my IQ XD

      "Especially for those who are broke xDDDD" NANI? XDDDDDDD 

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      • punches Furanzu's brain along with Usagi's brain xDDDD*

      We're poor. xDDD

      Btw, any plans for the New Year???

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    • Ouch that hurts xDDDDD (masochist...?)

      hahaha yup, cuz puberty? xD dunno lol

      hmm, let me see, 1st of all i'm going to be a netoge,then become a streamer then earn money lol

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    • Yup, that hurts lol xDDDD

      Woah, not really. xDDD (Though puberty for girls is rathr costly xD)

      Those are nice plans! I'm supporting you that you'll accomplish them~

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    • it hurts more than anyone think xDDD 

      wait wait my bad, that is too much xD (our politician can afford that xD maybe??? XD)

      yes,this is plans,thought i planning to graduate first till college to become a netoge xD so if i run out of money,it's job hunting time xD

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    • Alright! I'm sure you'll be able to do it! ^^

      Do you have any more interest outside PriPara? I kinda wanna expand our convo more xD

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    • yes i'm gonna do it,(Do it just do it,don't be your dreams be dreams, Just.... DO it xD)

      i have interest in any stuffs(but it depends on you if you want xD)

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    • Dreams come true lol xDDD

      I'm fine with it dw. It's just that, I want something else to talk about ^^

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    • (it's a youtube reference xD) dream come true,my dream is summoning a unicorn on my butt xD

      i see, you should make a topic cuz i dunno where to start xD

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    • Omg lol xDDD

      Do Filipino drama? xDDDDDD

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    • Just search it you'll see a guy saying that all over again(it became a meme thou)

      xDDD honestly i watch sometimes,but frankly i don't usually know the title of a series(yes i watch it with my family sometimes when i'm bored xDD) 

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    • The phrase is actually I heard it before.. (*inserts to be continued meme xDDD*)

      Ohhh I only watch selected ones, only from ABS coz Kapamiliya me xD (Note to self if Furanzu is a Kapuso, no network war please xDDD)

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    • Let's time travel to 2016 ( here's the link xDD

      i see,your watching selected ones xD oh wait i forgot that there's alot of ads on GMA,ABS etc xDDD so yep it really isn't my type to watch teleseries with ads bcoz (pasira yung mga ads XDDD)

      ( Hey why me? xDDDD

      here's a little meme and a joke,KMJS yes jessica soho is this (watashi wa tamago? )

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    • Ohhhhh xDDDDDD

      Yeah, ads are a thing but if there is no ads, then there is no money for them to make the teleseries xDDD Coz, GMA and ABS are such huge rivals xDDDD

      I hope she doesn't read that xDDDDDD

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    • so now you know xd well... did you like it?

      they could've just add another channel called adssss xd  just my opinion if they want to make more money lol,gladly the only one that has a few ads is manny pac man's battle xD  kambal karibal xDD

      luckily she didn't know that and one more thing is she is a korean cancer xDDD cuz she practice korean more than japanese :v

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    • "Just Do It" xDDDDD

      People would literally smash their TVs if they see a single commercial interrupting Manny's fights. xDDDDD Poor TV5 xDDDDDD

      I don't know much about Soho other than being a popular news anchor xDDD

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    • Yep usagi really likes it xd

      Yup that's correct,one of my neighbor punch that TV because of commercial,luckily it only has scratch xDDD TV5 chan daijoubu desu ka? xDD

      welp i think you don't like fat people who only loves to eat and can beat mikan xDDDD jk 

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    • Poor TV xDDD I blame them. It's not that mainstream and I don't think they're trying lol xD

      Ohhh boy...ik it's a joke but I don't want to remember that Vice incident w her lol xD

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    • Honestly that's a simple TV we're talking about cuz it's 19"s tv XDD lol yeah,but they have anime on their channel so it's a bit ok,instead of kpop

      wait what? i didn't know that xD 

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    • Oh, it's old anyway then xD Yep, still they need to garner media attention xD

      I think it's best if you don't know xD

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    • Yup,19's stuffs are hard ( including the legendary brick phone xD) they only use for that lol xD that's what i called cancers xDD

      <s> really huh xDDD

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    • Unlike televisions nowadays. You have to be very careful when using them. xD

      Yeah, coz serious talk, no one wants to be reminded of that anymore.

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    • HD tv have better graphics but fragile xD and yep "careful" must use xDD

      i think it is like a trauma or something?

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    • Same with cellphones nowadays xDDD

      Not really "trauma", but it's just controversial or something that bad things happen when spoken of it.

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    • The Fragile they are the higher the technology LoL XD

      sorry i'm a bit busy on my part-time lol

      i see, i must've be stupid xd lol jk.. i'm not smart like you so my fluent in english is very low

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    • Yeah, one of the major disadvantages xD

      it's alright. (^^) Woah, you work part-time? That sounds cool. ^^

      Actually, it's fine dw. (^^)

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    • And then turns into a hologram for a higher technology xD advantage or disadvantage? xd

      Thanks yep,1k to 5k pesos per week, right know i just earn 20k in just a month! ^^

      i see,gotta work hard to reach your level to understand you better xD

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    • It has both lol xD

      Omg, that sounds high! (^^)

      Yep. You gotta work hard if you want something!!

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    • yep correct, and when we have the high technology,it'll be so much fun using that lol xD

      Yes,that is totally high xDDDD

      i'm trying to read some hentai light novels i mean,instead dictionary XD

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    • But I predict, in exchange of these, nature might be destroyed. Theories that super advance technology might take us over makes me scared. xD

      I'm sure you won't miss any opportunity to grab such money. ^^

      “I only read "that" light novels for the GRAMMAR lololol xDDDD”

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    • No worries,if that happens, we have a super technology that can portal to an anime world, yeah bring the characters on gintama and let them use it Wisely 

      Thanks,gladly and yes this is a business tbh there is something that is bothering me, well no, i'm just happy that i can buy alots of things right now xD

      really huh XDDDD

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    • Or...take refuge there. xD

      Food, water, cloting, shelter, anime merchandise xDDDD

      It's like "the grammar is so beautiful I don't care about the plot anymore...." nah that sounds weird. xD

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    • no no no xDD your a bad girl xDD

      Yup, my dream is going to become true XDDD and lol yes anime merchandise too! do you want some? XDDD

      i'll just say "nani dafq" XDDD well i think you prioritize the grammar,2nd is the plot xDDD

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    • Yes! Somebody said it lol xD

      WHO DOESN'T? I'll buy the whole store. xDDDD

      #CringeyFanficsBeLike sometimes xD

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    • hahaha so nobody has ever told you that your a bad girl? xD


      #when Cringe is on XDDD 

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    • Only you lol xD


      The cringe chills are real xDDDD

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    • And your satisfied being called a bad girl? lololol xD

      YEAH CHRISMAS EVERYDAY! Aming bahay puno ng bankay

      <s> well XDDD i don't have anything to say but i don't like cringy stuffs XDDD

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    • Kinda xD



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    • I see, well..... BAD BAD BAD!!!! xd

      santa be like: WHO DAFAQ IS THIS COMPLANY?

      how i imagine cringe anime moments xD

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      Sorry Santa, we're getting up! xDDD I suggest you try to limit the swearing xD

      It gives me unwanted goosebumps xD

      Do you watch HeroAca/Bnha/Mha? (Random question xD)

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    • NOPE GO TO you know xD

      Santa, i wish for a 7 dragon balls, so we're getting up! xD my bad,i had a bad habit of swearing, i'll try to minimize or avoid it xD

      Yes, i have all episodes of it, i download all BNHA episode including movie with 1080 graphics <s> yes around 10 to15gb

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    • Mikan: HEAVEN, NANO! XDDD

      Santa, I wish anime is real. Then not only the Dragon Balls are real but everything!! xD Good good ^^

      Omg you get to rewatch it anytime you want! xD Who is your favorite character? ^^

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    • Good heavens mika, i am "i am" you must face the trial to go to heaven xd

      Me: Santa ur a weeb XDD

      yep, so my favorite character is todoroki xD

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    • Mikan: You go to Heaven by faith, nano! xD

      Omg Santa!! What would Rudolf say? xDDDD

      Okay, I should've known coz everyone likes Todoroki. (mine is Deku and Amajiki/Suneater xD)

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    • Saitama: Ok

      I am: Mikan, use moonwalk to go to heaven

      xDD wof wof wof xd

      well, cuz todoroki is "cool" and "hot" thou, i wanna be like him XD (deku is trying to be a one punch man xD) i like saiko thou, for more iq xD

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      • Mikan moonwalks xDDDDDDDDDDD*


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    • The following day, Mikan Moonwalks to reach haven, and she live happily ever after the end xDDD


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    • A better fairytale than the Grimm's lollol xDDD

      Like, Saiko needs tea for her Quirk, Hibiki is often seen drinking tea coz prince and Ajimi shares her voice actress. xD

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    • Yeah Right, xD wait i thought i was fairy tail xDD

      Noble always drinks a cup of tea XD come to think of it they shares her voice actress and tbh it's kinda crazy to think about it lololol

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    • Omg xDDD

      Yeah xDD Even Uraraka is an idol xD (Rinne and Ayumi xD)

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    • Fairy where going mikan is everything you will know kimi ga mikan de~~su suyo!!! xDD

      so that's why the reason why they are flying in the stage lol

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    • Mikan: Nano? xDDDDD

      Their inner Uraraka intensifies....okno xDDD

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    • I'm trying to sing snow fairy XDDD orayt!

      yeah! yeah! yeah! xDD anti gravity is real, oh c'mon i need that quirk

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    • Yay!!! xDDDD

      I need Saiko's Quirk. xDDDDD

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    • Ok time to sing all boku no pico hero academia all opening xD

      Ok if saiko drinks alot cup of tea her IQ increases right? well who is smarter, saiko or melissa? xDD

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    • OMG Heavens don't even mention that lol haha xDDDD

      Now that's hard. Melissa is Quirkless, right? So if we destroy all tea in the world, Saiko is no match for her so Melissa?? xDDDDDDDDDD

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    • i understood xD SHALA! HEAD SHALA! oh wait wrong song xD

      Yes xD cuz the tea otaku is very intelligent when she drinks tea compare to any other char xD 

        Loading editor
    • But it's still shonen xDDDDDDDDDDD

      Yeah, the pros of being Quirkless xD Deku, you should've been a hero without a Quirk xDDDDD

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    • Oh right! ok how about this  Mada kono sekai wa  boku wo kainarashitetai mitai da  nozomi doori ii darou  utsukushiku mogaku yo XD

      Yup xD , Deku the one for all nerd xD, wait me? xD oh great i should do "EAT THIS"

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    • OMG SPARKLE!!!!! Don't make me cryyyyyyyy xDDDDDD

      I wonder what Toshinori's hair taste like xDD Deku looks pretty fine after eating it. xD

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    • OH YEAH?!!!! I'LL CONTINUE XDDDD "Unmei da toka mirai tokatte  kotoba ga dore dake te wo" !!

      If anyone wants to find out what it taste like i would say... it taste like "Chicken~~" xD and btw it's totally weird to pass the one for all throught eating hair xDDD

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    • Look, I already cried like crazy in the movie the feels are coming back *sniffs xDDDDDD*

      Chicken? xDDD I mean, there has got to be someway for OFA user to pass it's DNA to someone. xD

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    • well, when kimi no nawa hits on philippines XDD, and  i just bought rapwimps concert so they will have a performance about that movie XDDD

      yeah,chiken or maynoks xD got to be someway? i know! do some yaoi stuff, it'll pass that quirk easily

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    • Lucky!!!! I watched the film 2 times, and I cannot help but cry ;;

      Uhm no. I warn the AGE GAP xDDDDDDDDDDd

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    • yep, very lucky well not really cuz i have the money XDDD and i can download kimi no na wa 4k quality for you if you want xD

      ahh ok xD,  NANI? yeah that is "not legal" xDDDDDD

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    • My phone says no xDDDDDDDDDD Omg I'm running out of space

      Of course it isn't xDDDDD

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    • lol, i have 10 anime movie quality of 2k xDDD annnnddddd.... REFORMAT UR CELLPHONE XDDDD

      i want to be legal xDD

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    • No I can't! All my precious files xDDDDDD

      You want "that' to be legal or you wanted to be legal coz I'll have to disagree with you with the former. xD

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    • yes yes yes you can!! wait what precious files ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      the judge will agree on my thing xDDD even if you don't so APPROVAL!!!!!!!!! XDD

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    • My music xDD

      You're not the judge lol xDDDDDD

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    • hmm, bahay kubo kahit munti xDD

      oh yeah i forgot, yeah i'm guilty

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      Yep...but you could be if you study law, pass the exam which actually only gives you 3 chances before you're sent back to school...xD

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    • BTW!! Do you voice act??? xDDDDD

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    • SUPER GOI!!!!! XDDDD

      and you can take 10 years course again xDDD 

      sometimes i do, but mostly i act low voice omae wa mou shindeiru

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    • WOW! xDDDDDDDD If we're talking irl, the way I say this is priceless xD

      Yep. xD Reasons why I'm not suitable for medicine. xD

      I was actually looking for some voice actors to lend a hand on my project. If you like to try, just tell me. ^^

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    • hahaha yus yus yus!!!! IT IS TOTALLY PRICELESS XD

      yay!! xD talking about medicine, yeah marijuana  jkjkjkjkjkjxDD

      lemme think because, i'm just an amateur and yep don't expect that i'm very good at acting xDD

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    • Very truueeeeee xDDDDD

      And don't forget the methamphetamine hydrochloride lol xDDDD

      Yay! You don't have to be good coz I'm sure you will develop through the time. ^^ If you decided to do it, you can send me a recording of yours in Discord (since, you told me you have one. xD)

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    • 2 days later..... someone bought it XDDD

      OHHH why did i forget that xDDD yeah, kala ko naman betadine xD

      i see, let me see thought my 1 terabyte PC, if there's a recorder here, i'll help you out with that project of yours lol.

      oh wait gonna download one punch man season 2 episode 1 and rise of the shield hero episode 14 today xD

        Loading editor
    • Now that's an interesting turn of events xDDDDDDDDD

      BETADINE??? OMG! galling mo pala kausap haha xD

      Yay! If you wanna know more, here is an invite link

      I'm interested in checking out One Punch Man though xDDDDD

        Loading editor
    • that is called SCRIPTING XDDDDDDDD

      YUS BETADINE XD and neozep xDDD kasi nga business man ako xDDD ginagamit so called sales talk kahit anong topic xDDDD <s/>

      thanks. sorry if my message is delay xD

      <s> when kalbo is totally op = cansur  XD 

        Loading editor
    • Why am I not surprised xDDD

      OMG!!! xDDDDD I can see your future xDDD

      It's alright! Also, I left u message there I think xDDDDD

      Omg haha xDDDDD

        Loading editor
    • Cuz Programmer is lyfe xDDD  

      KUNDOKTOR XDDDD my future, is awesome, support my otaku hobby while being rich xD

      yay thank you xD

      episode 1 is release go go go!

        Loading editor

      Oh so from businessman to bus assistant //shoot xDDDDD I will ahaha xDDDDDD

      Yw! ^^

      YAY! xD

        Loading editor
    • when you want to hax bank to buy anime stuffs xD

      yesu!! but i think it is called "entrepreneur" xDDDD nice,cuz no anime no life

      Re:zero S2 will be released in the near future btw

        Loading editor
    • But I would rather have no anime stuff then sentenced to jail xD</s?

      Yep! You got the term right. ^^ <s>TRUEEEEEEEEEEE

      Not a fan but yay!! Second seasons are a privilege

        Loading editor
    • join annonymous to get all you want xDDD  

      1 question, what would you choose? work or business? in fact, we won't know each other if anime and pripara doesn't exist

      i see, so what anime do you watch? xD

        Loading editor
    • Omg xDDDDD

      Work I guess. I think I'll be a terrible entrep but if it's for the money, I'll do it. Amen to that! xD

      Let's stop striking this now xD Hmmm, do you know Date a Live? That's the first anime that came up in my mind now.

        Loading editor
    • join now for free, oh wait this is not an advertisement xD

      i see if work, i think you'll better being a maid JKJKJKJK XDDDD yay! thank god we have anime nano! xD

      ok lol,striking is fun  xDDD yes i know date a live, i downloaded all the season including the movie and OVA.Ofcourse 1080 graphics....and lastly, my fav char is mikamoto because of this xD
      547930 616362818391984 110865382 n zpsfc44c1ab

      yay haha

        Loading editor
    • Yep xDDDDDDD

      I'll always be a servant. xDDDDDDD (Which is ironic I'm an admin xDDDD)

      Super high quality and omg! I remember that guy!! That "Mahal Kita" got me a lot when I first watched it. xDDDDDDD

        Loading editor
    • last stroke i think xDD do you know about annonymous? xD

      Perfect! xD when you become a maid you will say, "Ohayo gozaimasu Mastaa~" xD (well it is totally ironic in fact xD)

      yes yes yes! and 1 more thing! this is the ONLY anime who says pilipino language in the first time in history of an anime, well i think since i watch alot of anime xD

        Loading editor
    • Annonymous? The person in my server? If so yes but if it's someone else no xD

      Ahhhh! I really wanted to say that! XDDDD

      Hmmm, yep! Charlotte, however, has a scene where it was set in the Philippines. xD

        Loading editor
    • yep do you know him/her? xD it creeps me out a bit

      if i hear that from you, i will be dead, yep stair way to heaven xD

      yes yes! charlotte one of my fav anime, but it lacks something, THEY DIDN'T SPEAK FILIPINO!!!

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, she is a friend of mine in Wattpad. ^^


      Well, at least we get a taste of some Philippines in there xDDDDDD

        Loading editor
    • I see, so that's why, oh i remember you like wattpad xD

      i wouldn't request that but i truly wish that will happen to me before i get old xD

      True, not "some" that is ALOT to us xDD nakakita pa ako ng motorlite hahaha

        Loading editor
    • Yep! That's the "easy medium" to read Pertaleme xD

      Oh I see I see xD

      Yep at the very least xD I'll just leave it here that the main setting of Pertaleme is actually the Makati Central Business District so yeah bye, jkjk xD

        Loading editor
    • Souka, xD i think i'll try reading it xD

      that is called "youth" xD

      oh dang, i wish i could visit that, well time to earn some money xD

        Loading editor
    • Plus there are good anime fanfics in Wattpad too. xD

      Seishun! xDDDDD

      It's just a minute drive for me lol xD Plus, there is a long chain of malls like SM connected to Glorietta connected to Landmark and connected to Greenbelt. xDDDD

        Loading editor
    • Oh dang, i'm going to akihabara and said "ALL WATTPAD WHO HAS ANIME STORIES PLEASE ADOPT THEM ON MANGA OR ANIME!!!"

      rascal does not dream of a bunny dude senpai xD

      it looks like trinity xD well no not interested in catholic stuff xD

        Loading editor
    • That's called "Shameless Promotion lolol xD"

      Omg, I heard that anime before. xDDD

      They're actually four malls so...xD

      Are you okay? There was a huge earthquake that happened today.

        Loading editor
    • yep it is, so i don't care if it is very shameful xD

      yessssuu! you know it, i recommend that you must watch it now! before the movie comes out!

      ok gonna call it "4tagon" xD quadragon sheesh xD

      otaku doesn't give an F to an earthquake. XDDDD

        Loading editor
    • Oh I see xDDDDDDD

      Ahhhh if I have time!! xD

      The "Quartet Mall"??? xDDDD

      Ah I see. I'm glad you're alright xDDDDDD

        Loading editor
    • Oh and we need alot of company to create an anime xD

      naisu! cuz that movie will trend i'm sure of it

      yes that's it! so imma do and something xDDDD

      ahh i see your the man as culture as well xD i'm not fine if i'm not watching anime anymore XDDD

        Loading editor
    • And animation takes years xD

      Yep! xD

      There it is xD Anime makes us happy!! xDDD

        Loading editor
    • How wait a new episode on an ongoing anime:day 1 watch only 1 new episode of new release, day 2 repeat day 1, day 3 repeat day 1, day 4 for repeat day 1, day 5 repeat day 1, day 6 find an anime complete season and end it, day 7 new release of your fav ongoing anime? well repeat day 1.

      wait am i an idiot? xD watching king of prism series, and reading alot of comments some say this is a way for the gayhood XD

      Yes anime makes us happy! it truly is, what if we create our own anime?

        Loading editor
    • Too much repeats xDDDD

      I'll introduce you to a series called Ensemble Stars lol xDDDD

      OMG LETS!!! I'll hire the seiyuus xDDDDDD

        Loading editor
    • hey, alteast you won't get board XD

      i sea, gimme link i'm going for the Ghood xD

      naisu! so now i wanna hire raphtalia's VA she's a very good and an magnificent singer! yep try listening to tate no yuusha eding 1 song. i recommend this becuase it catch my heart everytime i hear this! 

        Loading editor
    • Very true xDDDD

      Explore the Wiki

      Seto Asami> Yes!! Blend the big hits and the rookies is a fine route as well. ^^

        Loading editor
    • If you like one punch man,the episode 3 of the season 2 is out today xD

      ok.... Ghood activate! yep yep, naisu! good anime, well i mean drawing arts... meh xD

      yay! you know her very well! ok now next VA is kirito and asuna's VA Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Tomatsu Haruka XD

      well i think they are married irl 

        Loading editor
    • Yay! xDDD

      Omg Kirito and Asuna! For Tomatsu Haruka, she is married to someone not in the industry. I don't know about Yoshiitsugu Matsuoka but I think he's still single xDDD

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    • Do you want date a live? i've got all season in here xD

      Here's her blog 

      "The voice actress of Sword Art Online's Asuna has married her own 'Kirito!' Haruka Tomatsu announced on her blog on Friday that she entered the family registry on the same day and is now married. Tomatsu's husband is a man who works outside of the entertainment industry. Tomatsu selected January 11 because "one" is her favorite number and the date represents her three lucky numbers coming together.

      Tomatsu added that she's still an inexperienced person but she'd like to build a happy home. The 28-year-old voice actress has been in the business since she was 16 years old. She thanked her longtime fans, business associates, and family for their support and promised to continue working as usual.

      Tomatsu is currently starring in Sword Art Online: Alicization as Asuna Yūki and is set to appear in The Saga of Tanya the Evil film as Mary Sue, the Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki television anime as Monaka Yatogame, and has major roles in the upcoming Black Fox and Ore wo Suki na no wa Omae Dake ka yo television anime. She's an accomplished anisong performer and member of the idol group Sphere, although the group is currently on hiatus. She performed ending themes for last year's DARLING in the FRANXX anime as part of the group XX:me.

        Loading editor
    • Please!! xDDD

      Yeah, I've read that but the man is outside of the industry and she refers to him as her Kirito as said in the blog so it isn't actually Kirito's VA. ^^

        Loading editor
    • ok sure.

      Souka datu puti welp, i think I copy paste the truth, welp happy for her, but i think it is totally rare to find an anime who has the same relationship in the anime and the real life, correct me if i'm wrong xD

      oh wait i forgot this "darling in the franxx" anime, omg, my friend who is an otaku,she sang the kiss of death song and her voice is very beautiful, i feel like the real singer is front of me xD

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    • Yay!! Thank you!!!

      Actually, that husband IS NOT Kirito. Tomatsu Haruka just referred to him as Kirito. As in like a metaphor. Okay, I'm confused too lololol xDD

      Ohhhh she did it as a cover or not? Coz if it's the former, is it on YouTube? I would like to hear. xD

      Do you know Strike the Blood? I like Kojou just to share hihi xD

        Loading editor
    • wait where do i send files? xD

      i see, i just thought both VA. is totally couple XD well as long as she's happy, we'll support her xD and yep this what i called a plot twist  xD

      I video and she smack me on the face and she tells me to hide her video about it. XD now if i get it that vid i'll send it to you xD ofcourse imma gonna do ninja moves to get it but my chance of getting alive is 0.00000000000000001% 

      when your asking me an anime about an inappropriate for kids or let's just called "rated SPG" XD

      yes it is, I love strike the blood and i was waiting for episode 5 of strike the blood season 3 XD and you like kojou? i'm surprise thou, tell me what do you like about him? XD

        Loading editor
    • You can keep it in Google Drive then share the Drive link to me. ^^

      Yep! What's important is she is happy! ^^ Mimorin also announced her marriage! I'm so happy for her. And other married seiyuus are Terashima Takuma who married Sato Satomi. (Meanwhile, Usagi doesn't have a bf lolololol xDDDD I have no plans rn btw xDDD)

      No one can defeat "Ninja Moves" xDDD

      I just started it and I'm at ep 10 of S1. Idk why but I find him cute and I admire him for his courage, ready to put himself in danger just to protect others even though it risks his own life (he nvr knew he was immortal until ep 4 but he still saved Yukina regardless). OMG I like this side of him. ;;

        Loading editor
    • I see, better than "SHARE IT!" 

      More Happy equals better talent xD Mimorin-san said that? oh well, time to go to japan and be the flower boy XD i see, VA over VA that is terrific! (usagi-san you may now live in peace alone~ jkjkjk xDDD even you have no plans, just keep up being good at academic ^^)

      Bilang Hokage, ang mga pilipino ay magaling mag hokage at alam mo yan

      ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, that was a magnificent compliment on him! yes yes yes! finally! another girl who likes kojou with that feelings! well the thing is, i can't spoil you i wouldn'd be fun if i do that, but let me tell you about something. He's totally bad ass and his personality is off the hook! well you'll realized this in the series, their motto is kinda repeated over and over again XD

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    • Never heard of Share It! (jkjkjk, coz I prefer Drive over ShareIt! xDDDD, you can even save it online. xD)

      Yeah, she was kinda bashed before coz of this but now, she is better! I'm so proud of her!! (I'm a certified independent woman. xDDD TY! ^^)

      "This is my fight!", "No senpai, this is OUR fight!". I kinda get why people are annoyed by this motto but I LOVE IT! It shows how strong Yukina and Kojou's partnership is (although, I'm kinda disappointed with their daughter's design, even Moegi doesn't live up to her mother's typical style xD).

        Loading editor
    • haha, you ain't a human if you don't know shareit xD (yes, i sea, so i'm going to send you the files when i'm not busy with the interenet xD)

      i sea, so she suffered alot? well that's totally a problem. (now i will grant tou a pumpkin instead a medal xD)

      yes yes, that thing annoys people but i love that quote well idk if is really annoying or really interesting for those who watch strike the blood xD (the author rush the art so that should be the case why it isn't favorable)

      oh and if you watch strike the blood 3 episode 4, you'll see something so amazing xD

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    • Oh alright! (^0^)

      Yep, even some fan went so far in burning all her Umi merch omg who does that?

      I see in the comment section while rewatching a few clips from the show that "it's annoying", but I mean, it's amazing. xD (I see. I wanna see more of their children though and hope it's not just daughters, only La Folia and Sayaka don't have confirmed children yet xD)

      I'm on episode 16 now! I'll have to catch up, you're so updated xDDDD

        Loading editor
    • Oh yeah

      i think crazy people do that lol like me xD

      yep yep true,very amazing and i thought "iyaa~ senpai, watashi tachi tatakai desu xD" but i won't spoil you buuuuuuut. i can't say how many kojou's child xD dw you'll see his child in the future and his waifu's xD

      hurry! because i was shocked about that episode lol, and yep very updated, playing games while watching anime and doing business at the same time xD

        Loading editor
    • Don't lol xDDD

      Yay!! Omg, I cannot manage my time like that like you do. One minute, I'm doing this then the next, this. (This is why I can't check off the animes in my waiting list ;;)

        Loading editor
    • if there's a problem then i won't but no problem? i'll do it xD

      yep, i'm lazy, so you might want to sacrifice your time of sleeping to catch up on me xd

        Loading editor
    • No! I want to sleep! Well, watching too much anime won't help me when I get sick so health is important then xD

        Loading editor
    • i see, well we're opposite, watching anime is my cure, got broken bones healed by an anime xDD

        Loading editor
    • And I like opposites! xDDD I'm also into other animations outside of anime too lol xDDD

      Also, the skit with Neon will be out soon! (^^)

        Loading editor
    • yep opposite xD why don't you take a course of animation on japan or america? they will teah you how to make an animation xD

      i was,looking forward to that! thanks for the info oh and i'm in somewhat far from my home so i'm on vacation right now ^^

        Loading editor
    • Yeah and Pertaleme can finally be animated and finally Philippines can have some contributions to the animation industry xDDDDD

      Ah I see. xD Deadline's on the 21st If you need more time just tell me ^^

        Loading editor
    • if i'm not lazy, i think i can draw all character's that i want (yes that would be including your fandom too ^^). and philippines MUST have contribution to animation not BY focus on kpop or what ever is that lol xD

      np, just give me a scrip and i'll do it ^^

        Loading editor
    • Nah, there is no problem with Kpop tbh but sometimes, let's be proud of what we can do and have our own kind of Kpop/Anime promoting Filipino talent. (Nationalistic much xDDDDDDDDDD)


        Loading editor
    • i see, it seems, we're going to get evolve!! yay peenoise xDD well i agree with you, but i think filipino is mainly on rap, and romantic song of street background well.... not interested xD

      hmm record or streaming?

        Loading editor
    • Well, if u watch enough telenovelas, Pertaleme has that stereotypical Filipino romance drama of being sweet at first but as the plot goes, lots of edgy and dark stuff happen. xD

      Record, same what u did to the sample you sent me. ^^

        Loading editor
    • well yes, but it doesn't gain me an interest on it on Filipino drama teleserye, they have romance but alot of drama so i coult it a plot twist or whatever it is XD

      I see thanks, i'll try my best

        Loading editor
    • Wildflower is already dark and the romance came in later xDDDDDD Which is the opposite but that's like a common ground for many Filipino drama teleseryes coz we all want the sweet stuff and the drama. xD

      Extended the deadline on Thursday, to give u more time~

        Loading editor
    • i see, so that's why  i didn't get the wild flower xD well i know! LET'S BECOME AN ACTOR/ACTRESS in filipino drama, so we can create more bad a--- XD story than them,let's mix romance then super dark tragedy and boom auto millionair! xD

      thanks, well im a bit busy today inquiring for college since i'm very late on one school that  i didn't accept me because i'm very late, now i have problems on what school should i go to attend

        Loading editor
    • Wildflower is my favorite teleserye I have seen super far!! Agree, what station ABS or GMA hahahahhahah xDDDD At least we got some money lol xDD

      Aww, that sucks, but what schools do you have in mind???

        Loading editor
    • i did like Wildflower but i think i like sahaya cuz it has a lesson on it! and for being an actress, we should have a manager ^^

      i just pass on the entrance exam of PUP and my score is 96% overall, but i didn't like it cuz it too far from my province, i think i'd like to go to school that is well known in computer studies, well technically i would like to inquire in STI but the problem is, i'm too late

        Loading editor
    • Station first before a manager actually, then they'll find us one haha xD

      Philippine University of the Philippines? jkjk xDDDD Awww were you not able to inquire earlier?? If so, you should've. Classes are coming back soon and many slots have probably been taken already around this time.

        Loading editor
    • I want cool manager first! xD

      typos, UP diliman, correct me if i'm wrong yes yes, so tommorow i think i'll catch up on the acting,also i'm going to practice the pronunciation of the words, or it'll be a shame if i get alot of mistakes.

      I'm sorry if i can't pass on the delay i'll inforn you as soon as possible ^^

        Loading editor
    • Well, anyway, a manager will get us to a good station xDDD

      Oooooof OMG UP Diliman I've been there and like my parents said I can study there if only it isn't far from my house ;; I see. Just be yourself. Practice practice is the key!

      Alright, only two of five submitted to me today dw. Tell me if you're ready.

      Also, my classes resume on July 2. I have plenty of time next month then so don't worry. ^^

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, alright i'll focus on cha-ching, Radio rpatrol sa iskwela  xD

      yeah but it's pretty far here, but i didn't get to inqure because of that so GG yeah thanks! i'll try today at night, i must pull this to make it happen!

      let see.... i can redo the records right? ok i'll do it

      Whoa july 2, you still have 1 month vacation which is pretty good! i hope you spend time great everyday

        Loading editor
    • Yep xD

      but there are dorms for those who are willing, lucky for those people who live right next to it Okay! (^0^)

      Yep, if there any need of improvements, I'll inform you~

      Yeah, I can still do so much more!! 3 months of summer love it! xD Thank you, same for you. (^^) Wishing you the best on which school you'll end up in too.

        Loading editor
    • Ok, plan for the future next!

        will they accept an otaku who will sleep 3am at the morning? i think not xD i'm going to do it now

      i see, fire me if i'm bad at acting, gosh i don't know if i'm still good anymore

      wow, like wow, i would like to extend my vacation since this is only 2 months for me! and.. my father decides to take me into japan after college to study more! xD

        Loading editor
    • Magmumukha kang masipag pag gising ka pa ng 3AM lolol xDDDDD Yay!

      Dw! So far, you only have one improvement to make if it's okay, no pressure. A voice actor usually starts like that but as time flies, yeah, you'll be good and I'll help! (^0^)

      OMG!!! I wanna study at JAPAAAAN too!!! ;;

        Loading editor
    • I actually have an idea! What if, if you want, we can voice chat each other and while you're recording, I'll help you. ^^ (Since we live in the same beautiful country, timezones aren't that of a problem xD)

        Loading editor
    • It's true, this is a Very beautiful country xD well i'm ok with your plan lol, i just want seek my talent of voice acting so i did join to your roleplay ^^

        Loading editor
    • oh and i'm a little bit busy outside of my world (anime and gaming stuff is my world xD) well yeah i'm going a little bit late for replying or gonna monitor this wikia 24/7 even my phone is dead XD

        Loading editor
    • I'M BACK!!! XD Hmmm, if u cannot send the new recordings, I'll have to use the old ones??? xDD

        Loading editor
    • i just visited hongkong, been there for 1 week sorry xd

        Loading editor

      It's okay, I'll message you in Discord soon about it ^^

        Loading editor
    • Btw, I'm not the type to rush things, but I'm literally doing the skit now and I only need your redos haha xDDDD If you still need help, you can call me. ^^

        Loading editor
    • yes i do need your help but i'm a big busy about filling a file going to japan right now xD so i'd like to tell you that i'll be a bit busy on this week XD

      oh and i'll tell you when i'm free cuz there will be so much things to do this month!

        Loading editor
    • Ahhh I understand. (^^) I'll be doing the "animations" along with the submitted lines first and I'll give Neon some space. The third skit script is already out and u only have a few lines yo do, but I'll exempt you from the deadline on June 18. (^^)

      Good luck btw! (^0^)

        Loading editor
    • 2 months huh... well can i ask how can i delete this account?

        Loading editor
    • Omg sry for late replyyyy!! I'm not that active here anymore ;;

      Oh no! Whyy?? ;;

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    • A FANDOM user
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