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Symphonata Productions (シンフォナタプロ) is a fictional talent agency located inside PriPara Idol Academy. It is specialized in training idols and having appeared them in various media. It is directed by an unnamed president, being called just "President-san" by the idols and is the company where the Symphonata idols work.

If you want your character to be an idol under this production, please ask Admin Usagi.

History and Background

The production was secretly established on August 14, 2015, the day PriPara Idol Academy was established. It became open to the public on May 10, 2016.

The goal of the productions is to train idols and help them become Divine Idols. The agency accepts both female and male idols. It also holds auditions almost everyday, seeking new idols.

After all of the idols, thanks to Admin Usagi, was able to reach the Divine idol rank, they have a new goal—to become the next Prime Artists of their generation.


The agency comprises of people in charge of various non-idol activities in the agency. This includes managers and trainers, which aid the idols to stardom. There are also special animal staff called Astiers who functions as the agency's mascots

Symphonata Production Staff
No. Name Age Occupation
001 Unnamed President 35 Current president and chairman. He is only referred to as "President-san" by the idols and the younger staff.
002 Charlotte Vert 28 (Physical)
10,000+ (Actual)
Head producer and recruits idols to audition for the agency. Acts as a judge for most auditions. She would also look out the activities of each of the idols.
003 Charise Blanc 24 (Physical)
10,000+ (Actual)
Part-time recruiter of idols for the agency. She is barely at work.
004 Ari Gatou Unknown Artificial Intelligence produced by the agency. Her job is to guide the idols and answer their questions.
005 Jouji Kihata 34 The President's practicumer. Later, he was assigned to be Jewliner's manager.
006 Yu Kikugakki 11 Manager of Prism Force and the youngest of the unit managers.


There are over 40 idols under Symphonata Productions and all of them use the brand of the same name. They call themselves the Stella Generation, using a galaxy theme. All of them are produced individually and are at least included in a unit.

Note: Only the units under the agency will be included. The voice portrayers will also be listed in Eastern order (last name, given name) whereas the characters they portray will be written as their pages in the site or Western order (given name, last name).

Symphonata Production Idols
No. Name Age Birthday Unit(s) Image Color Voice Actor Idol Type
(Pretty Series)
Idol Type
001 Sumire Hanasaki 65 November 1 Prism Force      Itō Kanae Pop Bright
002 Aida Akamenu 13 February 14 Zwölympia      Tanaka Rie Lovely Bright
003 Ichigo Amanogawa 27 May 14 Prism Force      Yamamura Hibiku Lovely Bright
004 Mikan Shiratama 11 October 4 Prism Force      Watanabe Yui Lovely Calm
005 Akane Urawa 12 October 1 Prism Force      Watanbe Kumiko Cool Bright
006 Klara Katarimoto 13 December 25 Prism Force      Kozakura Etsuko Celeb Cool
007 Sango Yagichi 14 August 8 Prism Force      Tokui Sora Natural Calm
008 Yurika Hanasaki 25 December 6 Prism Force      Mitani Remi Cool Cool
009 Ann Fukuhara 14 April 2 Prism Force      Serizawa Yū Pop Calm
010 Layla Kaguya 13 January 27 Prism Force      Wada Ayaka Cool Cool
011 Miele Migizuki 13 February 10 Prism Force      Nonaka Ai Natural Calm
012 Yayoi Kikugakki 13 April 10 Prism Force      Saitō Shuka Cool Cool
013 Nozomi Asahina 13 June 23 Prism Force      Fujita Saki Celeb Bright
014 Inori Ginga 17 March 28 StellariS      Naganawa Maria Lovely Calm
015 Carl Shinumi 17 September 1 StellariS      Tazawa Masumi Cool Cool
016 Madoka Kousaka 16 March 29 StellariS      Suzuki Eri Pop Bright
017 Kokoro Watanabe 16 January 1 StellariS      Nichika Omori Star/Premium Pure
018 Haruka Shiratama 13 July 7 Iris Dynasty      Ikezawa Haruna Lovely Bright
019 Kululu Kurumi 13 August 8 Iris Dynasty      Sasaki Mikoi Cool Cool
020 Usagi Hishikawa 15 May 14 Iris Dynasty      Ueda Reina Pop Bright
021 Galileo 1 October 10 Iris Dynasty      Tomita Miyu Natural Bright
022 Lady Arachne 16 January 1 Iris Dynasty      Akesaka Satomi Celeb Cool
023 Hellen Futaba 13 March 14 Iris Dynasty      Kusuda Aina Lovely Calm
024 Kenna Futaba 13 March 14 Iris Dynasty      Iida Riho Cool Calm
025 Hanabi Hibiki 13 August 1 Jewliner      Oki Kanae Lovely Bright
026 Shin Kisaragi 13 February 2 Jewliner      Morohoshi Sumire Pop Cool
027 Chika Moroei 13 July 26 Jewliner      Wakabayshi Naomi Natural Calm
028 Sakura Hanataba 15 March 21 Zwölympia      Yasuno Kiyono Natural Calm
029 Minako Mizuno 14 July 20 Zwölympia      Nanjō Yoshino Cool Cool
030 Douji Tsutsuji 14 May 31 Zwölympia      Murase Ayumu Lovely Calm
031 Hotaru Segawa 13 January 8 Zwölympia      Nishizawa Shiena Celeb Cool
032 Carlo Hojokawa 15 July 27 Zwölympia      Asanuma Shintarō Natural Bright
033 Elisa Utano 16 September 24 Zwölympia      Kayano Ai Cool Pure
034 Rikka Hishikawa 14 September 17 Zwölympia      Kotobuki Minako Cool Cool
035 Miyabi Kozakura 13 April 20 Zwölympia      Itō Miku Natural Pure
036 Agatha Hojokawa 15 July 27 Zwölympia      Hamasaki Nana Natural Cool
037 Yuko Omori 14 May 11 Zwölympia      Kitagawa Rina Natural Calm
038 Emily Azumiya 13 February 26 Zwölympia      Aoki Ruriko Pop Bright

Pretty Channel

Sygyzy P Series


  • The concept of having a talent agency is derived from The iDOLM@STER franchise.
  • Out of the thirty-eight known idols that the agency produces, only seven of them are male. However, many more will be added soon.
  • Symphonata Productions is the first actual talent agency to appear in the PriPara franchise.
  • Most of the idols produced are Admin Usagi's characters but it also accepts other characters owned by other users.
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