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Squi NewVis
Kanji スクイ
Romaji Sukui
Personal Info
AgeOver 2000
Home PlaceEgypt (Formerly)
Tokyo, Japan
Idol Info
Voice ActressNoto Mamiko (Jpn)
Carrie Keranen (Eng)

Squi (スクイ) is a manager working under Symphonata Productions. She is a squirrel who was influenced by ancient Egyptian culture. She is voiced by Noto Mamiko (能登麻美子) in Japanese and Carrie Keranen in English. She is one of the managers of Prism Force.


Meet the lady-like and fashion-loving squirrel manager who manages Klara and Sango of Prism Force...Squi!

Character Description

History and Background

Not much is known about Squi at the moment, aside from the fact she was born and raised in Ancient Egypt.


Squi is a light blue squirrel with gold-colored eyes and a cerulean and pink bushy tail. She wears a pair of pink and dark blue diamond scrunchies around her ears.


Squi is an elegant female squirrel with a calm and collected atmosphere. She has vanity problems and always carries a mirror right beside her. When not doing any work, she would stare at her reflection on the mirror and gets into panics when she looses her mirror or doesn't like her appearance.

Hobbies and Skills

Squi is good at managing her idols and likes to collect any form jewelries. She usually trades with Klara whenever they like each other's jewelry.


Squi (スクイ) is short for squirrel.


Klara Katarimoto

The idol she first managed. Both of them get along in terms of fashion, jewelries and accessories.

Sango Yagichi

Squi later manages Sango upon Klara's request. She was impressed by his debut.


  • Squi is one of the mascot managers who doesn't end her sentences with anything.


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