• PLEASE READ GET STARTED BEFORE MAKING AN EPISODE-- An anime-style special roleplay series everyone can join! You're a student at the famous P.I.A., an academy for idols (but also Prism Stars) who will become soon Divine Idols! (SEASON FOUR)

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  • All the plots we make up together end up in this board! What mysteries will we discover in PriPara today?! ONLY ADMINS CAN MAKE EPISODES HERE!!

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  • A secondary Pretty Rhythm-themed series which still takes part in PriPara. While Min'na Tomodachi is mostly about PriPara lives and Vocal Dolls, Prism Festival is about Prism Star activities! (SEASON ONE)

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    Last post by Yumeka Kasumi 05:15, December 11, 2016

  • Yuki Tomoe's lounge. Special Lives, Events, Prizes, Event Rankings, Super Lives, Point Events, Dream Team Battles, and most importantly, the Exetreme Challenge Live! NEW: SPECIAL EPSIODES TAKE PLACE HERE. SPECIAL EPISODE ONCE PER WEEK!

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  • Released a song, roleplay CD or a new brand? Here you can release it in the roleplay and see what the idols think about it!

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  • Stands, shops, clubs, room, every location you can go to!

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  • Customize your PIAPass, PIATicket File Bag and more academy-exclusive items! Publish your edited visuals in your character's page. This is completely optionall!

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  • General conversations, wiki news and anime speculations! Off topic too!

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  • Threads from removed boards, and more!

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