Template:Idol InfoSol (birth name Sorairo Harumizu) is an eighteen year old girl who goes to PriPara Idol Academy. For most of the year, she lives in Parajuku across the street from Laala. However, in the summer, she leaves Parajuku to her summer home in Ylisse. She is still able to participate in idol activities at the Ylisse PriPara. Her role model, and crush, is Stahl, and she wants to be like him, along with being with him, and she just doesn't know which one to pick.


Sol has long green hair that's tied into twin tails, along with green eyes. She wears the Berry Mint Coord as her casual coord and the Heart Couture Pink Coord as her cyalume coord.


Sol is a child trapped in an eighteen-year-old's body. Most of her friends are either children, mothers of children, and fathers of children. She can never befriend people the same age as her because they always tell her to "act her age". Sol and Violet love to talk about their crushes that they'll potentially never have. Like how Violet calls her crush "Blue-Sama", Sol calls her crush "Stahl-Sama".

Sol and Hannah are not friends at all. Sol absolutely despises Hannah, because Hannah gets Stahl and not her, and she's jealous because of it.



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