"Yaruki, Genki, Honki de... Ganbarimasu!"

Shougo Yumekawa

Appearance | Uniform ShougoYumekawa

Kanji 夢川ショウゴ
Romaji Shōgo Yumekawa
Personal Info
Birthday23th of November
ZodiacSagittarius ♐
Hair ColorPale Blonde
Eye ColorBlue
FamilyYui Yumekawa
Home PlacePaparajuku
OccupationIdol, student.
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Gira Galactic·Tightrope
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressSeiichirou Yamashita

Shougo Yumekawa (夢川ショウゴ Yumekawa Shōgo) is an original pripara character. He's a lovely-type Idol from Paparajuku and a student of Avocado Academy. He's currently being used by Xesc13primero.

He's the leader of a popular danpri idol unit called WITH. If you want to use him you have to ask their users, if you don't do that you'll get a Warning Ticket. His representative color is Navy.


He's a pretty young teenage of white skin and skin figure. He has got blue wide eyes and pale blonde short hair with a lot of locks in the right while his left part is brushed behind his left ear. He usually is seen with his Avocado school uniform and his WITH's unit coord.


In the outside, he tends to act cute and innocent in front of his fans wherever he is to the point of stopping what he's doing at the instant in order to talk to them. But inside, he has a mischievous and arrogant personality the one is always showed whenever he's alone with Yui or alongside WITH members he's somewhat you could call a tsundere .


It's showed in the anime series he usually fought with Yui whenever they talked about Yui wanting to go to Danpri or whenever she imitated him tho he inside worried about her. In the past, in his debut day, his parents ignored him and put attention on Yui and probably not just that day so the reason of his actitude about Yui probably is 'cause envy.


  • Yui Yumekawa - His little sister the one he always fight with.
  • Koyoi Takase - A fellow member of WITH. They get well and Koyoi tends to take good care of him and acts like a mama for Shougo and knows how Shougo feels about Yui.
  • Asahi Mitaka - Also a fellow member of WITH. They really get along and he tends to laugh about whatever Yui shows of the embarrasing Shougo's past bit in a friendly way and like Koyoi, takes care of him like a papa for Shougo.


  • He is the first older brother of the Pripara series.
  • Yui has revealed using pictures embarrasing memories from Shougo's past.
  • His favorite food is Rice and Crepe.
  • He's in the first all-male unit of Pripara series.


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