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Shin Kisaragi

Casual and Cyalume | Stage Shin Regular

Kanji 如月シン
Romaji Kisaragi Shin
Personal Info
BirthdayFebruary 2
Hair Color    
Eye Color    
Home PlaceGdańsk, Poland (Formerly)
Tokyo, Japan
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)RULE ~Kiba o Ugate yo~
Favorite Brand(s)Disco from Symphonata!
Image Color     (#efddcd)
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressMorohoshi Sumire (Jpn)
Todd Haberkorn (Eng)

Kisaragi Shin (如月シン) is an idol under Symphonata Productions. He is a half-Polish talented surfer who runs a juice shop in Japan. He is voiced by Morohoshi Sumire (諸星すみれ) in Japanese and Todd Haberkorn in English. He is a member of Jewliner.


Shin is a fan of going to seaside and take a surf. He may be a bit sarcastic and blunt but he is a nice guy at heart. Tropical islands, coconuts and Hawaiian music are his thing but is also a fan of expensive things. Due to influence, he uses valspeak.

Character Description

History and Background

Shin grew up in Gdańsk, Poland and his parents were professional beach surfers. They own a juice shop called Tropic Fresh in Stogi Beach, where he would play often. His father taught him to surf when he was still young and later on, participates in many competitions. However, he never won a single one. When he is a little older, he went to Japan to manage a branch of Tropic Fresh.

Shin became an idol because he was bored and didn't took it seriously until he formed a unit with Hanabi and Chika. He is also surprisingly good at Prism Shows.


Shin has blue eyes and short, beige hair with pointed edge ending beneath his ears.


Shin is a teenage boy who never took anything seriously. He can be sarcastic and likes to annoy people but he has a kind heart which only shows when he is not aware of his own actions. The one good side about him is that he likes to give people a chance.

Hobbies and Skills

Shin has a habit of dressing up and acting like a girl. He enjoys doing activities popular among girls like house cleaning and embroidery. He likes to go to the mall, even if he is just going to do window shopping. In Episode 18 of PriFes, it is revealed he can play the violin.


Kisaragi (如月): Kisaragi (日) is the traditional name for February in the Japanese calendar. It means "like the moon".

Shin (シン): His name is written in katakana and therefore has no meaning. Shin has many means most notably, "new" when written as 新 or "true" when written as 真.


Hanabi Hibiki

Hanabi is Shin's teammate and best friend. The two first met when she and her family visited Poland.

Chika Moroei

Chika is Shin's other teammate and best friend.

Ann Fukuhara

Shin admires Ann very much and the two of them work together to bring Prism Shows back to life in PriPara Idol Academy.


In Episode 18, Shin and Mystery traded Friend Tickets.

Series Overview

Minna Tomodachi

Shin along with the other members of Jewliner appeared in the latter half of Episode 660. He introduced himself to Suiri Iwata and Rurin Oshima.

In Episode 678, Shin, Hanabi and Chika met up with Mars and helped look for his friend, Angene Bokerdole.

Prism Festival

In Episode 18, Shin performed with Ann a Prism Show to get it's popularity back but when they showed it to the members of StellariS, they declined on reviving Prism Shows. The two were helped by Hibiki Shikyoin, Mystery, Lillie Nijiiro, Minako Mizuno and Elisa Utano to make it popular again.




Making Dramas


  • Surfs up! Heads up! Splash it up~
    • Call and response


  • Shin is associated with juice blenders as he uses this as means of self-defense.
  • Shin shares his voice actress and surname with Kisaragi Tsubasa. He also shares his voice actress with Usacha and Hoshimiya Ichigo.


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