Shilulu Bokerdole

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Kanji しルル ボーカドール
Romaji Shiruru Bōkadōru
Personal Info
SpeciesVocal Doll
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorIce Blue
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Morning (Arcade)
Favorite Brand(s)Marionette Mu
Image Color
Voice ActressMasayo Kurata

Shilulu is a Mini-Falulu. She is one of Ivanly912's characters.


Before her awakening, Shilulu resembled other Vocaldolls and Mini-Falulu. She has blue hair worn in thick braided pigtails and has eyes of ice blue.

In awakened and Grown-up form, her hair is now worn in thin, slightly curled pigtails worn with a tiara. Her bangs and forelocks are short and curl on end to match a cowlick she gained.


  • Falulu Vocaldoll - Shilulu's original. Like the other Mini-Falulus, she looks up to Falulu as her elder sister and admires her a lot.
  • Mizuki Hoshizora- She found Shilulu's PriTicket along with Shion and Hikari. Shilulu is thankful to Mizuki for scanning her ticket. Mizuki treats Shilulu like a younger sister.
  • Shion Todo - She found Shilulu's PriTicket along with Mizuki and Hikari. Shilulu is thankful to Shion for scanning her ticket. She tries not to cry in front of her, as Hikari told her about how she deals with crying children.
  • Hikari Todo - She found Shilulu's PriTicket along with Mizuki and Shion. Shilulu is thankful to Hikari for scanning her ticket, and often hides behind her when she is scared of Shion.
  • Milulu - Milulu is another Mini-Falulu. Shilulu doesn't talk to her often and secretly hopes she can be a school mascot too one day.


  • Shilulu is the first Mini-Falulu to be blue, and the third to be different from the other Mini-Falulus. The first ones were Garuru and Milulu.
  • She tends to refer to herself as third person instead of first person (Says Shilulu instead of I, me, my etc).
  • She calls everyone except other Mini-Falulus by oneechan.
    • She's second person to do that (First was Milulu).
  • She, along with Milulu, were the first Mini-Falulus to be awakened.
  • After awakening, her appearance resembles Laala instead of Falulu.
  • For unknown reasons, after Shilulu grew up, her Cyalume Coord is always glowing.
  • She is the first known Mini-Falulu that can return to her smaller form outside lives.
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