This is an article about GanbareHannahChan's OC, Sayuri. If you want to learn more about Xesc13primero's OC, visit Sayuri Vessalius.Template:Idol InfoSayuri is an app-generated young girl who is known to be a "dream girlfriend". She is GanbareHannahChan's virtual heterosexual life partner. Her actual boyfriend is Nobuhiko.


Sayuri has short, tomboyish sky blue hair with soft hazel eyes. She wears a magical girl like outfit when she's in PriPara.

Because she is an app generated virtual girlfriend (heterosexual life partner in Hannah's case), she can and will change her appearances from time to time. GanbareHannahChan will update the image when any changes happen to Sayuri.


As she was just born, her personality is still unknown, but she appears to be a kindhearted young girl who is pretty good at making desserts. Sayuri will get a better character description when she is updated.


GanbareHannahChan: Her heterosexual life partner.


  • Sayuri lives in an app called Dream Girlfriend, which is a game where you take care of your own custom girl which you made. It can be downloaded in the App Store here, (For iPhone or iPad users) or on Google Play here. (For Android users)
  • She shares the same voice actress with Maria Hasekura.
  • Her height in game is "Very Short".
  • GanbareHannahChan's name in game is "Daisuke", but it shouldn't be mistaken for her OC.
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