Satoshi Sakura is a the main character in Season 1. She is a Lovely type idol who used the brand HEART❤️️CHERRY. She is a popular student at St. Hikimori Private Academy. She is part of the Student Coucil. Sakura's theme song Future Karat which Sakura herself wrote it. Sakura's past self is Mistuki Jeun, which is Hana's mother. She also shared some similaries with Jeun.


Sakura is a very very shy girl. She hide from unknown people and only stay and talk to Hana. Before, Sakura was a brave and a cheerful girl but after beating up 2 high school bullies. After 1 year disappearance she became shy and gentle.


Sakura have a fuchsia eyes. Her bags her still there her side ponytail is tide up as they leave her hot pink part.

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