Template:Idol Info Sakura Eri (絵里 サクラ Eri Sakura) is a popular idol in Tokyo. Her preferred brand is Twinkle Ribbon and is a lovely type idol. She is a member of the unit Ido.


Sakura has long blonde hair reaching her back and has pink eyes. She is always seen wearing the Flower Blossom Floral Coord. Instead of wearing the Flower Blossom Hair Accessory, she wears a pink ribbon headband on her head.


Sakura is a gentle and kind girl who cares about everyone especially her friends. She is very friendly to everyone and tries to become friends with every idol she meets. She doesn't get angry easily unless someone insults her friends.


  • Flower Blossom Floral Coord 


  • Yuri Aido - Her best friend. Sakura is always there for Yuri and cares for her very much. They are part of Ido together.
  • Yurina Tomoko - Sakura treats Yurina almost like a younger sister. They are both part of Ido together.
  • Rina Nagako - Her manager. Sakura knew Rina when they were children, when Rina was Reika the super idol. They are part of the unit Ido together. 


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