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Sakura Aria is a lovely type idol who preferrers the brand Princess Paradise. Her theme colour is pastel colours .

Sakura Aria is Prxpara's fourth character.


Inside Pripara

She has long navi blue hair and back eyes inside Pripara. she was always seen wearing the Princess Paradise brand , a lovely-princess mysterious type brand in PriPara.

Outside Pripara

She has the same hairstyle and black eyes in the real world, and she often wears clothes from her own brand Princess Paradise when she is hanging with her friends at weekend.


Sakura is very shy when she first went in Pripara. After she met Miku , they became really good friends and always chat together on the phone . Miku has also became her manager, and because of her , Sakura is more confident on being an idol. She has a happy-go-lucky personality and she is passionate to make new friends and rivals in Pripara and at real life .


  • One day I will be the first star in Pripara !!! (saying to herself)


sakura ( 桜 ) : her first name is made from kanji , it means cherry blossom


Miku bokerdole : they are good friends in Pripara , Miku is also her manager.


  • she is a lovely type idol
  • she has the legendary prism voice
  • her prism voice is not very stable
  • she created her own brand
  • she has the same mic with Falulu Vocaldoll and Garuru
  • she currently doesn't have a team
  • she is a bad liar
  • Sakura has a weak body outside Pripara
  • Sakura is very shy when talking to people she don't know
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