Saku Kimi

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Kanji キミ佐久
Romaji Kimi Saku
Personal Info
Birthday22th of January
ZodiacAquarius ♒
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorSapphire
FamilyHis Mom,Dad and his Brother


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)GoodBye Ms. Floral Thief

Paku Day(Original)

Favorite Brand(s)Fortune Party
Image Color
Saku Kimi (キミ佐久) is the first and main character of OmegaPri. Saku is an average boy who loves Pripara, but he can't perform because boys aren't allowed. He is a lovely idol whose favorite brand is Fortune Party. He's the Lovely Kami Jewel Holder. He made his own song called Paku Day!!!


He is shy and loves to help his friends. His dream is to be an idol. He usually is kawaii like a girl (not all girls)like Leona but really is a boy. He always ends his sentence with "paku"in PriPara. Sometimes he keeps saying it outside of PriPara.


Saku is small in height. His eyes are a sapphire color and he has short wavy dark silver hair.


Mizu Yōsei' - is partners with Saku. They are great friends. Mizu is the crazy one but Saku usually keeps her calm. They are the perfect duo.

Kazumi Hikawa -i s on a team with Mizu and Saku called "Everyday Smile". They are good friends.

Haruka Shirogane - is the one who showed Saku that it doesn't matter what gender you are, you can still be an idol.

Seto Vessalius: Saku was in love with him at first sight but after being turned down he couldn't put up with the fact that Seto kissed Laura for a truth dare game in front of him so he ran away but Seto went after him. After Seto fell, Saku went to see what happened, they make the peace and even make a live together. You can say their relationship is good.

ChibiHaru Bokerdole - Chibi loves Saku's cooking,so usually Chibi goes to Saku's dad Bakery and sneaks some sweet's with her..

Naoha Mizuki - Naoha is overprotective sometimes over Saku.But Naoha and Saku's friendship is very strong, they're great friends.

Nazuki Tamatzu - Saku's boyfriend.

Idol Info

He is the first one to get a Key Note and Ruby coord.


  • Kimi: Means "You".
  • Saku: Means "Bloom"or"Blooming".Together it can be "You can Bloom"or "You are Blooming".


  • He was worried about being an idol.
  • He made his own song.
  • He loves to bake.
  • He blushes when he gets nervous.
  • He broke his ankle and hid it from everyone.
  • He showed everyone to not hate.
  • He has a boyfriend.


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