Template:Idol InfoRuka Suwabe is a 12-year-old girl who is a member of AQUA BLUE with Violet Sunstar and Momo Shiratama. Her favorite idol is Daisuke.


Ruka has long brown hair tied in braids. She has droopy red eyes. In the PriPara world, she wears a red T-Shirt with blue jeans, in contrast to her younger sister, who wears a yellow T-Shirt with blue jeans.


Ruka feels like a basic little girl. She feels like she isn't "moe" like her unitmates Violet and Momo. She tries to be moe, but feels like she fails at it. Ruka can get demotivated easily because she thinks she isn't a good loli for not being moe.


Violet Sunstar - Violet is her unitmate in AQUA BLUE.

Momo Shiratama - Momo is her unitmate in AQUA BLUE.

Daisuke - Daisuke is her favorite idol and she tries to attend every concert he sings in. She loves every single song he sings.


  • She shares the same name as the singer Ruka Endou from Aikatsu Stars!.
  • She shares her last name with the anime seiyuu Junichi Suwabe, but they are not related. *pokes my brother*
  • Her singing voice, Momobako, is also the talking voice of Lia Hasekura.
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