Template:Idol Info Ruby Bokerdole (ルビー・ボーカドール/Ruby VocalDoll) is a vocal doll who lives at PriPara. She is currently a leader in Sweetie Angels. Her idol type is Lovely and her preferred brand is Crème Ribbon.

She is DandoonLuvsYou's first character.


Ruby has blonde short hair and bright green eyes. She is also seen wearing bright orange headphones and a pink ribbon on the right side of her head.

In her awakening, her hair is tied into a large ponytail and her headphones are sparkling.


Ruby is a very happy-go-lucky vocal doll who loves singing and dancing. Her goal is to become a Top Idol and also has an ability to translate some songs from Japanese to English. She is however somewhat cautious about certain things such as not being able to snap her PriTicket or staying in the building.


Miki Shibuki – Ruby is very good friends with Miki. She often gives her advice on how to do better in idol activities. They also work on Making Dramas together.

Rimi Ayase – Rimi looks up to Ruby as both a friend and a leader. She corrects her during singing lessons as she has done lessons before.

Vanilla – Vanilla is Ruby's manager. She was looking after her since she was born and is very caring for her.


  • Ruby was unable to trade Friends Ticket but that changed in episode 6 since she is awakened. This is a similar situation that happened to Falulu Vocaldoll.
  • Ruby addressed herself in third person (she says "Ruby" when she talks about herself). In her awakened from, she addresses herself in first person to make sure her friends understand better.
  • In episode 4 of The Story of Friendship, Ruby's system has collapsed and is awakened in episode 6.

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