They are Miuki Kinomoto's first main twin characters.Template:Idol Info

Character Info:


Rin: She has white hair, with a black shade and has blue eyes.

Ran: She has black hair with a white shade. She has red eyes.

About Character(s):

Rin and Ran are twins, they were meant to be twins but they don't want to be twins (crazy huh?^w^)

  • Rin is the shy twin, she is nice and generous. She mostly apologizes for everything, even if it's not her fault (which is annoying xDD) but she can get mad (really mad when provoked xDD). She may fight with Ran usually but she doesn't mean it. She is easily befriended.
  • Ran is the headstrong and bold twin whom is always complaining and whiny, she has the some personality as Rika xD She is always angry xD and her tongue runs on the wheel xDDDD


  • Rin is older than Ran by 1 minute xDD
  • They used to look a lot similar but since people couldn't differentiate between them, they changed personalities, hair color, eye color (wid lenses xD), attire color etc.
  • They have completely opposite personalities and like totally opposite things.


  • Miuki: cousin, the three used to live together in china. Once miuki came to japan, she told the twins about her days at pripara which made them want to visit too. (dream team mate)
  • Cherry: Friend, and later, a dream team mate.
  • Rika: Same as cherry

Duo Team name:

Black and Whites.


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