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Personal Info
Age15 (appearance)
Blood TypeA
Height5 foot
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
FamilyLilya Zukihana (deceased)

Thomas Zukihana (deceased)

Home PlaceSurvey Corps Bulding


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Guren no Yumiya and Hizamazuke Butadomo ga (solo)

COMETIC SILHOUETTE (As part of Time verse)

Favorite Brand(s)Jiyuu no Tsubasa
Image ColorBlue
Idol TypeRustic
Voice ActressHarumi Sakurai
SingerAina Aiba
Rin Zukihana is a member of the Scout Regiment and a temporary idol. After a time rip opened between Parajuku and the Walls, Rin gets removed from her timeline and ends up in Parajuku.

She is a member of the unit TimeVerse with Haruka Tominomori and Miyuko Miyahara, who have been removed from their timeline as well.

All three are the protagonists of Lillie's idol series "OC! All Stars"


Rin is a girl standing at 152cm. She has black hair tied in a half ponytail. Her eyes is what stand out. They are blue and sharp, always giving off the look that she is annoyed and stern. Although around the people she’s close with, her facial expression loosens.

She normally wears the Scout Regiment Uniform and has her gear carried around.

She states that she is the "flattest member in the Survey Corps." This is actually true.

In PriPara, her hair grows to her waist and becomes 158cm.


When in the AOT verse, Rin is a very stubborn, cold person, stemming from the fact she has been wanting revenge against the titans, after they killed important people in her life. Rin frequently yells to get her ideas out, or for anything for that matter. Rin is always considered a “hardheaded brat” because she always wants to go off on her own and do things by herself.  She also has violent tendencies, threatening to kill even comrades.

When in the PriPara verse, Rin is a slightly calm individual, but still carries lots of her outside personality traits with her.


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Haruka Tominomori - When first meeting Haruka, she was surprised by how calm she was, opposed to her friend Miyuko, who went crazy over her.

Haruka and Rin don't argue a lot, because Haruka knows what Rin has gone through, and doesn't want to anger her and bring the trauma back. Although at the start, the two argued quite a bit because Rin didn't want to join them.

Miyuko Miyahara - When first meeting Miyuko, Rin was confused when Miyuko jumped onto her, and then stated "I really like your costume!" but it was Miyuko that tried to explain what happened. Miyuko opened up to Rin first, simply because "She's from Shingeki no Kyojin" and I love the series a lot!"

Rin and Miyuko argue the most out of TIME VERSE because Miyuko keeps asking question about The Walls and other things that aren't needed in the situation. Apparently the first question Miyuko asked Rin was "Is Levi Ackerman THAT ripped?"


  • Her full name is "Rinka Sylvia Zukihana"
  • Rin is voiced by Aina Aiba, who voices Minato Yukina, who covered "Guren no Yumiya"
  • She likes army knives and dislikes children.
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