Template:Idol Info Relulu is a premium-type idol whose preferred brand is Shiny Tiara. His casual Coord inside of PriPara is the Dreamy Military Coord. He has an special ability to leave PriPara and wears the Fresh Lemonade Coord outside of PriPara.


Inside PriPara, he has long sky blue hair braided back into a silver bow. He wears a dark pink military inspired dress with silver and white accents.



Inside, Relulu is a himedere who judges everything he does on whether he thinks it'll be worth his time or not. He's quick to put himself above everyone else. He also seems to use everyone to his advantage, and needs constant praise in order not to revert into his outside self's personality.


Relulu is, in truth, very insecure. He's also depressed to the point of being suicidal and sees himself as below all others. He's much nicer in his outside form, but only because he feels like he only exists to be belittled and treated as a slave. Subaru states that Relulu has tried self-harm on two different occasions, but Subaru thwarted him both times.


Relulu hung himself as a result of Subaru's death.

Prism Jumps

  1. Star Splash
  2. Infinite Prism Phoenix
  3. Royal Parade
  4. Fresh Fruits Paradise


  • He is jokingly referred to as the Princessy Prince by Yuki.
  • He is one of the very few male vocal dolls known to exist.
  • He calls Hilulu "papa" despite the lack of any sort of familial connection.
  • He is the white side of TWOSHADES.
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