Prism Voice are special voice. Any idol can use a normal Prism Voice if they wish deeply enough to reach someone's heart. Currently, there are 3 types of prism voice and a hidden one (note: if there's an idol who has a prism voice please list them)

Prism Voice

This is the most common Prism Voice, and can be used by virtually anyone. These people use it the most. These voices can wake up a Vocal Doll if they are also wearing the Paradise Coord.


Special Prism Voice

The special Prism Voice gains more power by multiplying it's power by itself


  • Melody Ibara - From her mother (Manaka Laala in the future)

Royal Prism Voice

Royal Prism Voice,a legendary voice, which is said to be 10x more powerful than the Prism Voice and can grant the wish of the user if their wish strongly enough while singing with it. Sometimes, it can wake up a Vocal Doll without the Paradise Coord. 


Chiharu - unknown

Hidden Voice

The hidden voice is a Prism Voice that can be trained, meaning that at first you won't be able to hear any difference from the normal Prism Voice, but its power increases as you perform with it. After a long period of time of practice with the normal voice, the power of the hidden voice will show.

It's a very powerful and rare Prism Voice, the chances anyone having it it are 0.1%.

Its strength can become infinite, meaning it will keep evolving forever.


Haruka Bokerdole - Her hidden voice boosts the Prism Voice.

Heavenly Prism Voice

Only a Holy Type Idols have this Legendary voice,Legend says that this voice is too powerful to control, and is thus hardly every used.It can create divine powers by reaching half of its potential.

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