In this page you can find our Academy's rules. If you break them you'll receive a Warning Ticket (you'll get a message named Warning Ticket) on your message wall from the Student Council. If you keep breaking the rules you'll get a detention (you'll be banned) so try to be nice and follow these rules because we don't like to ban people.

IMPORTANT: Even if you are in the Student Council that doesn't mean you don't have to follow the rules. Everyone is the same here. If you're in the Student Council and break many rules we'll have to demote you, in other words you'll no longer be an admin!


  1. Be nice, or at least try to.
  2. No swearing.
  3. Don't insult other users.
  4. Don't make fun of other users.
  5. You're angry? Don't post bad things until you calm down.
  6. If someone starts an argument, keep calm and DON'T answer.
  7. Don't start arguments.
  8. If you get a Warning Ticket and you didn't do anything bad, try to solve the situation without saying bad things or try to keep calm.
  9. If you're not in the Student Council don't give warnings, just tell us and we'll give them.
  10. Don't say bad things in the chat. If someone else does, notify an admin.
  11. Don't steal characters, songs, brands, ideas and everything else that another user owns.
  12. Don't ruin someone else's page putting weird edits and such.
  13. DON'T EDIT THE RULES. (It's joke)
  14. You cannot have more than 3 original Pretty Rhythm/PriPara Characters and must use them at least once in a week.
  15. When a user has been inactive for 1 month, anyone can use that user's original character for rp without permission until the original user comes back.
  16. REGARDING MIN'NA TOMODACHI: Only three episodes can be made in a day, and all users must ask an admin to make one.

If something happens we'll add the rules. Please notify us when someone needs a warning. If you notify us when there's no need, you'll get a warning.

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