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Welcome to PriPara Idol Academy!

Welcome to PriPara's very own Idol Academy! This academy is situated behind PriPara Hills. PriPara idols come here to learn the basics required to become Divine Idols! How to join? Make an account, make your original character's page and have fun!
We currently have 386,120 edits, 2,485 articles, 13,221 images, 12 active users and 6 Admins on this wiki.

Avaiable Roleplay Series: Min'na Tomodachi, at its 4th Season, Prism Festival and Destiny Ribbon at their 1st Seasons!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to ask permission to your parents/guardian to join! Please read the Get Started blog linked in the Slider before making any edit.

Helpful Links

  • Check out the Wiki Jobs forum to know who's doing what and request a job.
  • Want to use an original PriPara character like Laala? Check out this page to see the characters you can use.
  • Have you got any question, want to Roleplay or want to chat with your friends? Pay a visit to the forum!

About "PriPara"

PriPara is a world where you can become an idol and make your dreams come true! You can aim to become a Divine Idol or Unmei Idol (RP only) to reach the top. When the time comes every girl gets a PriTicket, short for Pretty Ticket, and enters the world of PriPara. In PriPara the girls can choose to change their appearance. They use the idol clothes the brands (Twinkle Ribbon, Candy Alamode, Holic Trick, Fortune Party, Baby Monster, Marionette Mu, Dreaming Girl, Silky Heart, Holic Trick Classic, CoCo Flower, Candy Alamode More, Brilliant Prince, Rosette Jewel and Prism Stone) make and sing on stage. They make their clothes glow with the Cyalume Change/Cyalume Fairy and try to rank up to become Divine Idols. Here you can become an idol yourself, interact with other idols and join the events! There are some rules though. If you break them you will get a Warning Ticket.

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