On this page you will find all characters that can be used for roleplay here. If you want to use a character which isn't on this list, please speak to an admin. Characters already used by other people cannot be used again, because it would be weird if there were two Airas or two Mias in one academy ^^ If you want to use them in roleplay you need to ask the user. Characters with no user can be used by anybody. If you want to use a character, please speak to an admin first so they know you are using it and things and we don't have to give out false warning tickets

Important Rules

Each user can use two canon characters. If you use a character you should use them regularly and at least once a week. If you don't use your character and someone claims them, the user can have them. This is in order to prevent too many characters being used and other users being left out.

If you're on hiatus / your character is in an unit we'll make an exception until you speak with the user who claimed them.

If you want, you can agree to share the characters. Shared characters don't count in the 2 characters, however each user should use the shared idols regularly.

Due to the many claims for a character, to make things clearer, striked-through characters are used, characters in bold can be claimed either because they have no user or because the owner didn't use them in a week.

That said, please enjoy your canon characters!

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live


Idol Time PriPara

Kiratto Pri☆Chan

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