Template:Idol Info Pinon is a main character of the original PriPara series and a member of Triangle, a unit with Junon and Kanon. She is currently being used by Miyumi, so if you use her without permission, you'll get a Warning Ticket.


Pinon has an energetic personality and calls herself as the "Princess Of The Stars". She ends her sentences with -pippi, which comes from her name.


  • Junon - They are teammates in the unit Triangle along with Kanon.
  • Kanon - They are teammates in the unit Triangle along with Junon.
  • Haruka Shiratama - Pinon and Haruka are in a good relationship.
  • Usacha - Her manager.


Pinon has blue eyes and teal colored hair tied into a bun on the right side, which leaves a curl on the end. She has a lavender streak which resembles the number 2.


  • She was revealed during PriPara's live musical.
  • She, Kanon and Junon are revealed to be Manaka Non in episode 97.
  • In order for Triangle to perfom together in the anime, Non made it so Junon and Pinon would be holograms.
  • She's the second member of Triangle to make her debut.

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