Template:Idol Info Non Manaka is a character from the original PriPara series and Laala's younger sister. She is a lovely type idol who uses the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet, a spinoff of her sister's brand Twinkle Ribbon. She is currently used by no one, so please let an admin know if you would like to use her.

It was revealed in the anime that she was the one behind Triangle, playing all 3 roles using lovely, pop and cool jewels and small machines to show holograms of Junon and Pinon while she was Kanon, the center.


While outside PriPara, Non has lavender hair pulled up into a small ponytail to her left held there by a green scrunchie and purple-grey eyes. She is slightly shorter than Laala and her bangs are straight with a split on the right.

After entering PriPara, Non grows slightly taller, making her the same height as Laala in PriPara. Her hair also grows in length and reaches slightly lower than her waist and has curled ends. She retains her hair and eye color.


Unlike her sister Laala, Non is shown to be more responsible and knows a lot about idols. She is quite intelligent, which often leads to Laala asking Non about many things she doesn't understand.


  • Laala Manaka - Her elder sister. They get along well and haven't been seen fighting before. She often helps Laala with a lot of questions or problems she may have.
  • Faruru Bokerdole - She is a big fan of Faruru, to the point where she calls her "Faruru-sama". She was also the one that inspired Faruru's robot, which she named "Faruru's Non".
  • Chiri Tsukikawa - Her teammate in NonSugar. They currently don't get along very well, with Non often getting mad at Chiri's arrogant personality.
  • Pepper Taiyou - Her teammate in NonSugar. They had a slightly bad start with Pepper attempting to eat Usacha.
  • Usacha - Her manager. They both share the same feeling of wanting to beat their elder brother/sister and thus get along well. Usacha helped her a lot with Triangle and is currently helping her look for new team members.

RP only


  • Her appearance strongly resembles Uru and Eru Harune, Aira's twin younger sisters from Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream.
  • Her name means "No" in French.
  • She share many similarities with Hikari Todo.
    • They're both younger sisters of a member of SoLaMi♡Dressing.
      • Coincidentally, its Laala and Shion, the two co-centers.
      • This similarity is also shared with Michiko.
    • They are both lovely idols.
    • They both have Usacha as their managers.
    • They both have some hair hanging down from their ears.
    • They both have their hair pulled into a high ponytail.
    • They both use spin-off brands that their elder sister uses.
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