Template:Idol InfoSakura Starshine is a Lovely-type idol that comes straight from the Iris World (see Super Sakura). While she is a famous magical idol for her fairy/witch powers, she is completely new to PriPara. She is in an unit (Starshine, same name as her brand) with her cousin and her sister. Her name means cherry blossom.

She is Hanako's character.


Sakura has a fair complexion with long, soft fluffy pink hair normally worn in pigtails each held by a ribbon with several loose strands. Her choppy bangs are short and end above her matching pink eyes.


Sakura has got a "fuwa-fuwa" (fluffy) and "pure" personality, meaning that she is kind and never lies. Sakura owns a boutique with Hoshizora and Mimi in her hometown in the Iris World, and some of their designs are also avaiable in PriPara. Sakura's designs make everyone feel "fluffy" like a cloud.

Significant Coords

Casual coord: Starshine♥ Pink Cyalume Coord (brand Starshine♥, type Lovely)

Cyalume coord: Starshine Team Cyalume Coord S (brand Starshine♥, type Lovely)

Academy casual coord: Pink School Girl coord (brand Starshine♥, type Lovely)


Hoshizora Starry Sky: They're cousins and best friends. They tell each other their secrets and often explore cities with Mimi. Hoshizora dragged Sakura in her live Iris Show debut because her teammate was sick, and they performed together. Later Hoshizora dragged Sakura to PriPara too.

Mimi Starshine: Mimi is Sakura's little sister. Mimi often relies on her sister when she needs advice. They often explore cities with Hoshizora. Sakura tends to scold Mimi when she (Mimi) is ironic.

Shion Todo: Sakura is a great Shion fan. When Hoshizora dragged her to PriPara she hoped she could snap Friend Tickets with her.

Urara: Urara is Sakura's manager in PriPara. They often fight about what coords to use.

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  • Her full name is Sakura Natsumi Starshine.
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