Myrie is a girl who enters PriPara. Her brand is Twinkle Ribbon.


She has orange and blonde hair and purplish pink eyes inside PriPara. Outside, she has middle brown hair and cyan eyes.


She loves all kinds of festivals. She is quite kind and lovely. She is a bit silly sometimes. She always smiles brightly like the sun.


Alice Kirisaki:Her best best best friend in academy and kindergarten.

Dolie East: Myrie's cousin. Dolie is always reading her mind.

Naha Bokerdole:Naha is the first Vocal Doll Myrie met.Naha was born when Myrie entered PriPara.


  • Myrie loves surprising things. She is always surprised others.
  • She likes sunny days and she hates rainy or cloudy days.
  • The weather means her mood. Sunny means she is happy and rainy means sad or angry whatever.
  • She is ready for debut, just waiting for her manager's order.
  • Her manager, Creamy is bossy. She is a lovely cat with snowy white beautiful fur.She always wears a snowflake necklace.
  • Myrie is one of the top idols in her old home.
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