Mirai Momoyama

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Kanji 桃山みらい
Romaji Mirai Momoyama
Personal Info
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorRoyal Blue
FamilyHer mother and sister
OccupationPrichan Idol
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Make it!
Favorite Brand(s)Sweet Honey
Image Color     Pink
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressKoko Hayashi
Mirai Momoyama (桃山みらいMirai Momoyama) is an Original Prichan Character. She's lovely-type idol and she's currently of Xesc13primero.

She is the main character of Prichan and a 1st year student of Kirarigaoka Middle School. Alongside with Emo and Rinka they're Miracle Kiratts.Her representative color is Pink.


Mirai ooks like a cute and lovely little girl with royal blue happy eyes. Her pink colored hair is tied wtih a curly ponytail to the right. She usually wears cute clothes.


She's an introverted and kinda insecure girl who loves singing. Her friend Emo usually is the one who drags her into new things, like for exemple she's the reason why Mirai started a Prichannel.


She's the normal type of girl who everybody can be identificated to, once day after Emo started a fight with Anna, she made both of them to start a Prichannel just 'cause that fight but at the end they liked it and continued alongside with their new friend, Rinka Aoba.


  • Emo Moegi - Mirai's best and childhood friend, she usually drags her to do new things and it's the genki of the two of them
  • Aoba Rinka - They started being friends after Emo and her made the channel, she explains them a lot of things about Prichan.

Significant Coords


  • Pri☆Chan Uniform Pink Coord - It's the basic coord from the Prichan world and her debut coord.
  • Sweet Honey Kiratto Coord - Her Kiratto coord.



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