Mirai Hoshimiya(星宮未來) is an idol who studies at both PriPara Idol Academy and Paprika Private Academy. She is a cute and premium-type idol, whose brands are Rosette Jewel and Twinkle Ribbon.Template:Idol Info


Mirai is a tall girl with a pale complexion. She has long wavy caramel brown hair that reaches her shoulders and deep blue eyes with a tint of pink. A section of her hair is seen to be in a braid.


She is a happy-go-lucky girl, who loves talking with others and making friends. In her mind, friends and family are her top priority. She is always seen smiling.


  • She is the second Element Jewel holder.
  • She hates arguing and she is a peace lover.
  • She shares her first name with Mirai Tojo.
  • She shares her voice actress with Madoka Amahane and shares her singer with Akari Ozora.
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