Mion Takamine is a cool and premium-type idol whose preferred brand is Pretty Rhythm. She is one of ВинКсения's characters. Don't use Mion without her permission. Mion is a member of the unit called MARs.

Mion Takamine
Kanji 高峰みおん
Romaji Takamine Mion
Personal Info
AgePRAD -14

PRDMF - 17

BirthdayMarch 3
Blood TypeB
Hair ColorYellow
Eye ColorDark blue
FamilyPietro Takamine (father)

Anna Takamine (mother)

Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Switch On My Heart
Favorite Brand(s)Pretty Rhythm
Image Color
Voice ActressAzusa Kataoka
SingerAzusa Kataoka


Mion has short wavy yellow hair and dark blue eyes.


Mion, being an actress, can change her personalities as quick as an eye can blink. In front of normal people, like Aira, Rizumu, Jun, and Wataru, she is very lax and cold. She also has a sharp tongue, saying quite harsh things to just about anyone. Mion has a tsundere personality, meaning that when she gets happy or embarrassed, she acts like she doesn't care or gets angry, although she is actually happy on the inside. In front of the camera, she is a completely different person. She is cute and bubbly, and never seemed to mess up, but at times her facade falls off.


Significant Coords


  • Rizumu Amamiya - they are part of the unit MARs together and they were born under the same constellation.
  • Aira Harune - Mion was one of Aira's role models in PRAD and they became best friends. They are part of the unit MARs together and they were born under the same constellation.


  • Mion and Naru share the same birthday.

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