Template:Idol Info Mimi Starshine (ミミ) is a Cool-type idol that comes from the Iris World (see Super Sakura). Her magical idol powers are sprouting bat/vampire wings. Her hobby is suntanning (yes XD). She is in an unit (Starshine, same name as their brand) with her cousin and her older sister. Her real name is Mangetsu, which means full moon, but she doesn't like it.


Mimi has long ginger hair pulled up into odango buns with a curled ponytail hanging from it. When with the unit she only wears her hair in one bun. Her dark violet eyes are shiny, hinting at her lively personality.


Mimi is energetic, mischievous, a bit ironic in a funny way and likes rock music. Mimi also likes cosplaying and scaring her sister, but can be kind and serious when needed.

Significant Coords

Casual coord: Starshine♥ Purple Cyalume Coord (brand Starshine♥, type Cool)

Cyalume coord: Starshine Team Cyalume Coord M (brand Starshine♥, type Lovely)


Hoshizora Starry Sky: They're cousins and great friends. Hoshizora often scolds her when she says something ironic saying "MIMI!". They really get along and like exploring.

Sakura Starshine: Mimi is Sakura's little sister. Mimi often relies on her sister when she needs advice. They often explore cities with Hoshizora. Sakura tends to scold Mimi when she (Mimi) is ironic just like Hoshizora.

Urara: Urara is her manager.

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