Template:Idol InfoMilulu is a Mini-Falulu who is also this school's mascot. She is one of Hanako Inoue's characters.


Milulu looks similar to the other Mini-Falulus. She has brown hair and black eyes.

After growing up her skin slightly darkens while her eyes and hair turn light brown. She wears her hair in short pigtails with a cowlick and a tuft of bangs and short forelocks to frame her face.


Falulu: She is one of the mini-Falulus. They visited PriParis together. Milulu really admires Falulu.

Haruka: They share a room. Milulu often hangs out with COLOR.

Hilulu: They're best friends.


  • She calls everyone (except for other mini-Farurus by "-onechan"(lit. Older sister) or "-oniichan"(lit. Older brother).
    • She's first person to do that (she was followed by Shilulu)
    • Like Hilulu, she calls Hibiki "Niichan" (lit. Older brother).
  • She debuted when she was still Mini.
  • Her name comes from Mini and Falulu.

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