Template:Idol Info Michiko Manaka is Laala's younger sister but is slightly older than Non. She is a huge fan of SoLaMi SMILE because of Laala and watches all their lives. She admires Laala a lot and hopes to be an idol like her one day. Her debut song is Shining Sky of the G String (Aikatsu) and her Making Drama is Mysterious Forest of Memories. She has a small hint of Prism Voice but like Laala, she cannot control it properly.


She has pale skin, two long violet pigtails like Laala that curl at the ends and blue eyes.


Like Laala, Michiko has a very loud voice and uses Kashikoma! a lot. She has a bright and cheerful personality. Michiko loves helping other people out and helps out at Papa's Pasta with Laala. Unlike Laala, she enjoys singing and can sing loudly both inside and outside PriPara.

Significant Coords

Golden Bunny Magician Coord - Her casual PriPara Coord

Chao Sapphire SoLaMi SMILE M Team Cyalume Coord - Her Cyalume Coord

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  • Laala Manaka - Her elder sister who she admires a lot. Laala and Michiko are really close and hang out together in school.
  • Mirei Minami - They met when Laala introduced her to Mirei, Sophie and Mizuki. Mirei and Michiko both wear similar Cyalume Coords and get along well.
  • Sophie Hojo - They met when Laala introduced her to Mirei, Sophie and Mizuki.
  • Mizuki Hoshizora - They met when Laala introduced her to Mirei, Sophie and Mizuki. They both admire Laala a lot.


  • Even though she wears a SoLaMi SMILE Cyalume Coord, she isn't part of SoLaMi SMILE
    • Her Cyalume Coord was actually a gift from SoLaMi SMILE to celebrate her debut in PriPara.
  • Because she says Kashikoma! a lot, lots of fans assume she copied Laala like Falulu did.
  • Along with Kira Starshine, Michiko competed in the PriPara Producers Power (PPP) on PriPara Wiki.
  • She shares her voice actress with Naru Ayase from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live, PriPara's sister series.
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