Mezemasu Bokerdole

Unawakened | Awakened Mezamemasu

Kanji メゼマス
Romaji Mezemasu
Personal Info
Age1(Vocal Doll years)
SpeciesVocal Doll
Hair ColorLavender(Unawakened)

Dirty Blonde(Awakened)

Eye ColorGrey(Unawakened)


Home PlacePriPara
OccupationIdol Student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)0-Week-Old(original)
Favorite Brand(s)Marionette Mu(Unawakened)

Rosette Jewel(Awakened)

Image Color
Mezemasu Bokerdole is CureItsuki's OC and roleplay character.

Mezemasu Bokerdole is a Lovely and Pop type Vocal Doll who is very mysterious, not social, and afraid of the world. She has the Prism Voice. She ends her sentences with ~pika.


When Mezemasu was scanned, she did not know anything about the world. The person who scanned was unknown and disappeared after Mezemasu was born. She was left alone, not knowing anything or anyone. When she debuted, she snapped her Friend Ticket. Luckily, she was awakened by Shiraki Tame, by herself.


Before she was awakened, Mezemasu had thick, braided purple hair. She was a Lovely type Idol who used the brand Marionette Mu. Her dress is light blue, with white and just a little pink. She wears a tiara, headphones and two bows. Her eyes are gray.

Miraculously, after being awakened, Mezemasu had many things changed. She wore her hair in a side ponytail, and her hair was dirty blonde. Her brand is now Rosette Jewel, and she is a Pop type Idol.

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