Mexican dream is a Cultural Type Brand designed and worn by Narumi Dali, it is obviously based on Mexican History and culture. If we divide the Cultural Type for this Brand, we would obtain Pop, Cool and Natural Coords.


Prepare to say 'Viva!' with this Brand, with Coords based on the rich Mexican Culture going from the most antique prehispanic legends to the most recent tendencies in big cities!


2017 Debut Collection

This collection is the first one ever designed for the brand, it has no specific theme

2018 Pretty Collection

The second collection for the Brand, the main theme is (except for the first 2 ones) the Legendary Pretty Cure Warriors

2018 Casual Fab Collection

Casual Clothes designed to be worn on stage are something unusual but functional, don't you think?!

2018 Celebrate! Collection

Tere's too much happening this summer! Fortunately good things!

2018 YES or YES Collection 

Named in honour of the famous group Twice's comeback, this collection isn't meant to be rejected!

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