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Roleplay: Prism Festival (Season: 1)

Hello! Welcome to Prism Festival (プリズム フェスティバル, Purizumu Fesutibaru), PriPara Idol Academy's Pretty Rhythm-only roleplay!

Before you make an episode or reply, make sure to read the rules and the introduction.

Brief Introduction

During a certain Deluxe Change performed by COLOR and Tenshi, a mysterious sky blue haired girl breaks in and performs all the Prism Jumps, stating she'll defeat the Saints, all the Prism Star units and recreate the Prism Show inside PriPara by forming an unit! In the meanwhile, many contests and other events take place, and the girl is never seen again. However, she's planning something...?

PriPara already outshined the Prism Shows, but the Academy students are trying their best to bring them back! Is this the rebirth of legendary units and of the Prism Sparkle?
Can the students really bring back the love for ice skating?

If you want to help with bringing the Prism Sparkle back to PriPara, make an episode, and feel free to use your own plot! The surprises haven't come already, so do anything you want to! Let's save the Prism Shows!

Board Rules

  1. There's no limit for the episode number in a day. However, when the series gets more popular we'll have to add one.
  2. If you want to make an episode you need to ask an admin.
  3. Please follow formatting rules.
  4. Any off-topic reply or any replies that leave out who made the episode can be ignored if the author wishes to.
  5. As mentioned above, avoid posting off-topic replies and/or leave the main episode characters out if it's clearly a plot episode and the owner would rather follow the storyline.
  6. OLDER episodes can be found in Discussions.
  7. The series takes place in the same Academy, dimension, or anything as the others. So, there are no changes in environment and characters, except we'd like to focus on Pretty Rhythm. Therefore, if you wish to, the three series can affect each other.

Any user who keeps breaking these rules will be temporarily banned from replying to episodes. There's a reason we'll be doing this, and the rules aren't hard to follow, so you'll mostly be fine!

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